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How to Clean your House like a Professional Housekeeper

Let’s be honest, nobody loves cleaning their house. But what if we told you that there are some tips and tricks that professional housekeepers use to keep a house spotless? In this blog post, we’ll reveal some of the well-kept secrets that will help you clean your house like a pro and make it look brand new. Get ready to transform your home cleaning routine!

Start Simple

Starting simple is the key to an efficient and effective cleaning routine, just like professional housekeepers do. Before diving into the deep clean, it’s important to spiff up a few low-traffic rooms quickly and easily to boost your motivation to take on bigger tasks in high-traffic areas.

To start simple, put together a cleaning caddy with all the essentials like microfiber cloths, cleaning solutions, and sponges. Gather all the necessary tools before you begin, so you don’t have to take multiple trips to and from the laundry room.

home cleaning tips

Follow the classic rules of cleaning by cleaning top to bottom and left to right. Eliminate clutter first, pick up any items scattered around the room that don’t belong there. Strip and remake beds, tidy up pillows or furniture blankets, and brush furniture surfaces with a vacuum.

For a deep clean, take removable parts off like showerheads or knobs for a thorough cleanse. Clean the ceilings, walls, and baseboards too. Dust from left to right and top to bottom with microfiber cloths to reduce allergens and improve air quality.

Remember to clear off surfaces by organizing and decluttering each room. Work on one task at a time, and once it’s completed in the entire house, you move on to the next task. By following these simple tips, you’ll have your home looking clean and tidy like a professional housekeeper in no time!

Put Together a Cleaning Caddy

When it comes to cleaning like a professional, having a cleaning caddy is key to getting the job done efficiently. Here are some tips for putting together a cleaning caddy:

1. Separate caddies for each room: To avoid running back and forth, create separate cleaning caddies for each room. This will save you time and effort.

2. Stock up on essential items: Make sure your cleaning caddy has all the necessary items like bathroom cleaners, toilet/sink/tub brushes, glass cleaners, and sponges. Consider adding cotton cleaning rags for wiping down surfaces or soaking up splashes.

cleaning caddy

3. Use small bottles: Pour your cleaning solutions into small, reusable spray bottles to save space in your cleaning caddy.

4. Pick the right caddy: Choose a caddy that is easy to carry with you into each room as you clean. This will allow you to stay organized and focused on the task at hand.

By putting together a well-stocked cleaning caddy, you can clean your house like a pro in no time.

Follow these classic rules to clean your house like a pro

Following the classic rules of home cleaning is an essential step towards achieving a clean and organized home like a professional housekeeper. As outlined in the previous sections, cleaning should always start simple, requiring a cleaning caddy stocked with the necessary cleaning supplies for each room. Here are some vital tips on how to clean efficiently by following the classic rules of cleaning:

1. Work from Left to Right, Top to Bottom, and Back to Front

This rule ensures that dust and dirt are not spread from one place to another as you clean. Starting from the left and moving to the right, top to bottom, and back to front prevents rework and ensures maximum efficiency.

2. Dust from Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Dusting should also be done following the classic cleaning rule of working from left to right, top to bottom. Doing so saves time and ensures all surfaces are clean without residue, improving the air quality of your home.

3. Start High, Go Low

Cleaning high surfaces before going down to clean the lower ones helps avoid the need to re-do work. For example, dusting the cobwebs around the upper walls before dusting the lower surfaces ensures that the spider webs don’t fall onto the surfaces below.

4. Take Removable Parts Off for a Deep Clean

Clean removable items such as curtains, cushion covers, and blankets separately to achieve a deep clean. This rule is spot on when cleaning difficult spots that may require ample effort.

5. Clean Ceilings, Walls, and Baseboards

Effective cleaning using the classic rules of cleaning requires attention to detail. This includes cleaning not just the floors and surfaces but the ceilings, walls, and baseboards. This ensures that your home is free from accumulated dirt and dust.

6. Declutter and Clean Each Room

Cleaning each room means decluttering first then getting rid of dust and dirt. This approach helps achieve a clean and organized room. Decluttering involves throwing away anything that is no longer useful or needed, leaving space for new items.

7. Clear off Surfaces

Lastly, declutter the surfaces, removing any unnecessary items that don’t belong there. Any clutter on dressers, kitchen counters, and tables should be cleared for a clean and organized home.

By following these classic rules of cleaning, it becomes easier to achieve a clean and organized home. These rules help ensure the efficient use of time and eliminate the need for rework. Following them is vital in achieving an environment that is conducive to a happy life.

Dust From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

When it comes to cleaning, there are certain techniques that professionals swear by, including the simple but effective rule of dusting from left to right, top to bottom.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Start by gathering all the necessary cleaning tools and products, including microfiber cloths and a duster with a telescoping handle.
  • Begin dusting at the highest point in a room and work downwards, so that any dust that falls is collected as you continue cleaning.
  • Wipe surfaces from left to right as you move through the room, always starting at the top and working your way down.
  • When dusting, use the smallest possible amount of pressure to avoid pushing dust or dirt around.
    In addition to removing dirt and debris, dusting also helps to improve the air quality in your home by capturing allergens and other particles.
  • Don’t forget to regularly clean your ceiling, walls, and baseboards, as these areas can collect just as much dust as your furniture and floors.
  • Finally, remember that while dusting is an important part of keeping your home clean, it’s also essential to declutter and regularly deep clean each room to maintain a tidy and healthy living space.

Improve Air Quality While You Clean

Improving air quality while cleaning is essential for a healthy and safe living environment. Here are some useful tips on how to achieve this:

1. Use Environmentally Friendly Products: Eco-friendly cleaning products are better for the environment and can make a significant difference in improving air quality. These products usually contain fewer harmful chemicals, which reduces indoor air pollution.

2. Go Natural: Try using natural cleaning solutions like vinegar, baking soda or lemon. These work great as an alternative to chemical cleaning products and are also more cost-effective.

3. Avoid Synthetic Scents: Synthetic fragrances found in many cleaning products can release harmful chemicals into the air. Instead, use essential oils or natural aromas like fresh herbs or flowers to add a pleasant scent to your home.

4. Upgrade Your Vacuum Cleaner: Upgrade to a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filters that capture microscopic particles, like pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. These filters ensure that the air quality in your home is improved while vacuuming.

5. Open Windows and Doors: Allow fresh air to circulate in your home by opening windows and doors. This helps ventilate your home and keeps fresh air flowing.

window blinds

Improving air quality while cleaning is essential for the health of your home and your family. These simple tips can help you improve the air quality and reduce indoor pollution while cleaning like a pro.

Start High, Go Low

The next step to cleaning your house like a professional housekeeper is to start high and work your way down. This tactic helps to ensure that dust and debris fall onto uncleaned surfaces, which can then be tackled later.

To start, use a long-handled duster to clean ceiling fans and light fixtures. Next, move on to high shelves and the tops of cabinets. This will help prevent dust and dirt from settling on countertops and floors as you clean.

As you work your way down, remember to clean in a left to right, top to bottom pattern. This will help ensure that you don’t miss any spots or accidentally redistribute dust and dirt.

Removing detachable parts, such as cushions and lamps shades, can also make deep cleaning more efficient. Take these items off and clean them separately to ensure a thorough cleaning.

cleaning mop

Finally, don’t forget to clean ceilings, walls, and baseboards. These areas are often overlooked but can harbor dust and grime. Use a long-handled microfiber mop to clean walls and baseboards, and don’t forget to dust any wall decor or picture frames.

By following these steps and starting high and going low, you’ll be well on your way to cleaning your house like a professional housekeeper.

Take Removable Parts Off for a Deep Clean

To achieve a deep clean in your home, it’s important to take off all removable parts of your appliances and clean them separately. This ensures that no dirt or grime is left behind, and your appliances look new for longer.

Professional housekeepers always take the time to remove and clean the removable parts of appliances. This includes everything from oven racks to refrigerator shelves. By taking the parts off, you can clean every nook and cranny, ensuring that there’s no hidden dirt or bacteria.

When cleaning the removable parts, be sure to use a gentle cleaning solution and a soft cloth. For tough stains or dirt build-up, soak the parts in warm, soapy water for a few minutes before cleaning.

cleaning with baking soda, soap, and lime
home remedies to clean your house like a pro

Once you’ve cleaned the removable parts, make sure they’re completely dry before reattaching them. This will help prevent any potential rust or damage to your appliances.

In summary, taking off removable parts is an important step in achieving a thorough deep clean. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your appliances stay in top condition and help improve their lifespan. So don’t forget to remove and clean every removable part during your next cleaning session.

Clean Ceilings, Walls, and Baseboards

When cleaning a house like a professional housekeeper, it’s essential to focus on every nook and cranny, including ceilings, walls, and baseboards. These areas collect dust and grime over time, and neglecting them can affect the overall cleanliness of the house. Here are some tips on how to clean these areas effectively:

1. Start by removing any cobwebs or dust from ceiling corners using a telescoping duster. Work your way around the room, dusting from left to right and top to bottom.

2. Next, wipe down the walls using a soft sponge and an all-purpose cleaning solution of warm water, dish soap, and distilled white vinegar. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that could damage the paint.

3. Pay close attention to baseboards, which tend to collect dirt and dust buildup. Use a microfiber mop or a duster with a telescoping handle to carefully dust these areas.

microfiber mops for home cleaning
best tips to clean your house like a pro

4. If you notice any stubborn stains or marks, try using a magic eraser or a mixture of baking soda and water to gently scrub them away.

5. Don’t forget to clean any light fixtures or ceiling fans using a damp cloth, and replace any burnt-out light bulbs.

By following these tips, you can effectively clean your ceilings, walls, and baseboards like a professional housekeeper. Remember to start high and work your way down, and always use gentle and safe cleaning solutions to avoid damaging surfaces.

Declutter and Clean Each Room

To achieve a spotless home, decluttering and cleaning each room is a crucial step. From the bedroom to the kitchen, our professionals share quick tricks for beginners and expert deep-cleaning hacks for every room of the house.

Start by clearing off surfaces like counters, tables, and shelves to create more space. Put away any items that have found a temporary home on these surfaces, and consider donating or discarding any unnecessary items that may be taking up space.

When it comes to cleaning, always start with the tasks that require chemicals to soak in or that can be left going while you work on other parts of the room. Begin by wiping down countertops and cabinets, starting at the immediate right of the stove.

To avoid wasting time by having to go back and hit spots that were missed, use a consistent pattern to clean surfaces. Dust all surfaces from left to right, top to bottom, including furniture, carpets, bedside tables, and other decorative items. Make the bed and change the linens if necessary.

For a deep clean, take removable parts off of appliances and furniture to reach any hidden dirt or grime. Clean ceilings, walls, and baseboards to ensure every corner of the room is immaculate.

Improving air quality is also important while cleaning. Use reputable cleaning products and prioritize the kitchen, wiping down surfaces and mopping the floors. Finally, vacuum and mop floors, and clean showers and bathtubs weekly to maintain a clean environment.

By following these tips and tricks, you can clean your house like a pro housekeeper.

Clear off surfaces

To truly clean your house like a pro, you must prioritize clearing off surfaces before diving into any cleaning. This step is important because it allows you to have a clear and organized space to work with.

Start by removing any unnecessary clutter, such as papers or items that don’t belong in that area. Put away anything that has a designated spot in your home. Next, focus on wiping down your surfaces with a microfiber cloth or duster to remove any visible dust or debris.

Once your surfaces are cleared, you can move on to deeper cleaning tasks like wiping down counters, mirrors, and appliances. By clearing off surfaces first, you’ll save time in the long run and have a more effective cleaning process.

Remember to repeat this step in every room of your home, including bathrooms and bedrooms. With a clear and organized space, you can easily tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks and truly clean your home like a professional housekeeper.


In conclusion, cleaning your home like a professional housekeeper doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools, techniques, and mindset, you can transform your living space into an organized and comfortable environment that promotes safety and enjoyment.

Starting with simple tasks like decluttering and dusting, and using a cleaning caddy to keep your tools organized, can go a long way in improving your housekeeping skills. Remember to follow classic rules of cleaning, such as dusting from left to right and starting high before going low.

Improving air quality while cleaning and taking removable parts off for a deep clean are other effective skills to build. And don’t forget to clean often overlooked areas like ceilings, walls, and baseboards.

Overall, it’s crucial to understand the importance of housekeeping and how it contributes to a healthy and comfortable environment. By putting in the effort to clean your house like a pro housekeeper, you can enjoy the benefits of a tidy living space without having to hire a professional cleaning service near m.

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