What are Airthings for Business?

Airthings for Business is a smart radon detector that allows you to monitor your indoor air quality and radon levels. You may improve your productivity and energy levels, as well as your disease resistance, by making better choices. Lowering your radon exposure lowers your chance of lung cancer. EBAIR Airthings for Business features high-quality radon detectors and indoor air quality monitors.

Smart Product Features by Airthings for Business

  • Meet Wave

On your smartphone, a smart radon detector that provides rapid and precise readings. You may also receive a visual indicator of your radon levels by waving in front of the gadget. The wave was developed to help homes manage their radon levels. Because radon levels change daily, regular monitoring is required to determine your long-term exposure and provide complete peace of mind.

  • Wave Plus for Business

The first smart air quality monitor including radon detection, as well as humidity, temperature, VOCs, CO2, and air pressure sensors, is the Indoor Air Quality Plus Radon Detection.

  • Corantium Home Radon Monitor

Everyone should have radon detectors. A simple and easy device to monitor radon levels, developed by Airthing’s in-house CERN experts. The battery-operated device is small and has two-year battery life.

  • Wave Mini

airthings wave mini
Airthings Wave Mini for Home Air Quality

Monitor, the Indoor Air Quality, Now includes a mould danger indicator! Asthma, allergies, sleep, and overall wellness is all aided by Wave Mini. The ideal starting point for determining the health and comfort levels in any space.

  • House Kit

The House kit is multi-room, networked monitoring of radon and indoor air quality. With Airthings House Kit, you can monitor air quality in numerous rooms and access data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • The Hub

By bringing Airthings linked devices online, the Airthings Hub provides 24/7 management and monitoring of your air quality from anywhere in the globe, providing essential peace of mind.

  • Anti Mold Kit

This anti-mould package comes with two Wave Mini air quality sensors and an Airthings Hub, making it the ideal option for mould prevention. The Airthings Hub connects your monitors to the internet, giving you instant access to your indoor air quality data anywhere!

With battery-operated, wireless sensors, you can easily measure airborne chemicals, humidity, temperature, and mould danger. With Wave Mini, you can keep your house, possessions, and family healthy and secure from mould damage since once you notice mould, it’s too late.

Why Use EBAIR Airthings Products?

Airthings is on a mission to guarantee that people all over the globe have control over their indoor air quality (IAQ) by providing easy, inexpensive, and accurate technological solutions – making radon and indoor air quality monitors a necessary and universal component of every structure.

  • Expert Team

Airthings is a tech business located in Norway, led by a group of CERN-trained scientists, engineers, and technology experts passionate about radon and indoor air quality.

  • Customer Obsessed

Everything Airthings do is driven by our customer passion, from product design and usability to how Airthings communicate and illustrate your air quality data.

  • Leading the Charge

Position on education and innovation Airthings as the go-to source for information on how to breathe better. Our award-winning technology provides a single ecosystem that can be adapted to any structure.

  • Controlling Environment

In 2008, Airthings set out on a mission to modernize and improve how Airthings test radon. Airthings for Business identified a need to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and simplicity of radon testing.

Airthings for Business can assist company owners in controlling their interior environments by combining our knowledge in indoor air quality and radon with our enthusiasm for health, creativity, and technology.

Because Airthings spend most of our time indoors – whether, at work, school, or in a public facility – creating a custom solution for these areas with the same user-friendly approach was an obvious next step.

Airthings radon detectors are dedicated to assisting building and company management in utilizing digital technologies to improve indoor air quality. Every single day, in every single room. And it’s something Airthings still trying to accomplish today.

How accurate is Airthings radon detector?

After 24 hours, the Pro has a 7 per cent accuracy rate, and after a week, it’s less than 5%. The AlphaGuard reference device has been used to test all Airthings detectors. It is the gold standard against which radon detectors or tests are measured since it is a professional detector with excellent accuracy and sensitivity.


The Airthings for Business solution is simple to set up and use. The wireless monitors are powered by long-lasting batteries, allowing for easy scaling of the system. The monitors link to a hub, giving you quick access to your indoor air quality data. For further details, visit EB AIR Control to learn more about Airthings for Business.

You can see it in a simple and configurable dashboard, on a wall-mounted screen, or integrated into your other systems through API. You’ll see live data on CO2, temperature, humidity, airborne chemicals, radon, light, occupancy, and pressure in just a few minutes.

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