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For, than thirty years MX Properties, Inc. under the leadership of its thinking President Lawrence Todd Maxwell has played a pivotal role in the real estate development industry in Florida and parts of the Southeastern region. Since its establishment in 1986 the company has experienced growth broadening its scope geographically and diversifying its property portfolio to encompass both residential holdings. This article delves into the initiatives. Appealing real estate opportunities present in Sebastian and Vero Beach.

MX Properties, Inc.

MX Properties, Inc. Was established with a vision to develop high quality commercial and residential real estate projects that cater to community needs. From inception the company’s focus has been on dwellings, adult communities, light industrial spaces and retail establishments. Through MX Sites, Inc. prime locations have consistently been. Transformed into thriving developments.

With time the company extended its reach beyond Florida into parts of the Southeastern United States. This expansion on a scale has bolstered MX Properties market presence and capacity to serve communities. The success of economies is intertwined with the presence of MX Properties commercial properties supporting business growth and community welfare.

A notable illustration of MX Properties strategic approach to real estate development is exemplified by their project situated at the crossroads of US Highway 1 and Schumann Drive, in Sebastian,Florida. This 2 acre plot of land is set to transform into a center taking advantage of its strategic position, at a traffic light intersection for optimal visibility and accessibility.

The area is designated for purposes allowing for the development of convenience stores with gas stations, fast food eateries, full service restaurants and healthcare facilities. Situated on US Highway 1 a thoroughfare running north to south the site attracts interest from investors and developers due to the volume of traffic.

Sebastian Real Estate

The real estate market in Sebastian has displayed growth reflecting its appeal to both residents and investors. By April 2024 the median selling price for homes in Sebastian reached $360,000 showing a 1.2% uptick from the year. This upward trend is also evident in the price per foot at $223. The market presents a variety of housing options to suit preferences and requirements.

The housing inventory dynamics point towards a real estate landscape. In April 2024 there were 302 homes listed for sale – a rise of 4.5% compared to March 2024.

real estate property in Florida

This selection includes properties ranging from one bedroom dwellings, to five bedroom residences providing buyers with choices. The economic and demographic features of Sebastian and Vero Beach showcase a unique blend of potential, for growth and well off residents making them appealing hubs for real estate development.

Individuals residing in these regions earn more than three times the US household income, providing them with substantial purchasing power that attracts retailers and businesses.

The property situated at the intersection of US Highway 1 and Schumann Drive holds a position to tap into this market. Its close proximity to thoroughfares like State Road 60 and County Road 512 ensures access to key regional centers such as Vero Beach stretching all the way west to the Tampa Bay area. Moreover, with the presence of Sebastian Municipal Airport and Vero Beach Regional Airport connectivity in the area is enhanced, further elevating its desirability.

The location of the estate in Sebastian holds significance for reasons. Access to cruise ports like Port Everglades and Port Canaveral by car is feasible within a travel time; Indian River County’s strategic positioning near Florida East Coast Railroad facilitates better connectivity to rail networks streamlining logistical operations; setting up your business in Indian River County could potentially reach nearly nine out of ten Floridians or approximately nineteen million individuals. The spot at 10699 US Highway 1 is ideal for establishing a distribution center due to the traffic flow and excellent transportation options in the vicinity.


In closing MX Properties, Inc. led by Lawrence Todd Maxwell is renowned for its excellence in real estate development. Their strategic projects at the intersection of US Highway 1 and Schumann Drive exemplify their dedication to advancing the community.

Through fostering prosperity MX Properties, Inc. Remains committed to bolstering growth for communities and businesses in areas. The allure of Sebastians location and diverse population continues to draw interest from real estate investors and developers. Its captivating scenery, vibrant culture and promising economy make Sebastian an appealing destination for developers and investors.

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