TOEFL Requirements for Top Ranked Universities in Canada

Universities in Canada:

Canada is one of the most preferred studies abroad destinations, and arguably the cheapest one among the English Speaking countries. 26 Universities in Canada feature in the Top Universities in the world by QS world rankings. Not only the student-welcoming environment, one of the reasons to study in Canada is the quality of education in the county.

Five of the Canadian Universities come in Top 150 Universities in the world. Public Universities have affordable fees and there is no compromise in studies.

In fact, they have the most international standards of education and excellent research outputs. No matter where you choose to study in Canada, education always maintains the quality.

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TOEFL Exam and Scores:

Apart from Quebec province, most of the universities in Canada are English-speaking Universities. To study at an English-taught University, you are required to have some level of English language proficiency, so you can understand what is being taught, and do your assignments.

There are many tests and courses to prove your English language proficiency, and if you opt for the English Language Proficiency Tests, IELTS and TOEFL are the two major tests.

If you feel comfortable with MCQ-type questions and online tests, think about TOEFL. The full form of TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. There are four modules of the TOEFL Pattern: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

There are three types of TOEFL tests:

  • Paper-Based Test (PBT)
  • Internet-Based Test (IBT)
  • Computer Based Test (CBT)

Here we are discussing the TOEFL scores required to study in Top Canadian Universities. Most of the Universities in Canada accept TOEFL iBT and PBT scores, and some of them still consider CBT courses, though it is discontinued.

Universities in Canada

The TOEFL score range is 0-120.  The average IBT test score required for the top 15 Canadian Universities is 88. For the Paper-based test, the average TOEFL requirement for Universities in Canada is 574-575.

QS University Ranking Universities in Canada TOEFL Requirement
28 University of Toronto 600 100
33 McGill University 577 90
47 University of British Columbia 90
109 University of Alberta 580 86
146 McMaster University 86
163 University of Waterloo 90
214 The University of Western Ontario 550 83
229 University of Calgary 560 83
239 Queen’s University at Kingston 580 88
264 Simon Fraser University 88
279 Dalhousie University 580 90
289 University of Ottawa 580 86
359 University of Victoria (UVIC) 575 90
461 University of Saskatchewan 550 80
464 Concordia University 577 90

As it is clear here, the Universities in Canada, 15 of them, feature in the top 500 Universities. There are 11 more of them that are part of QS University rankings. TOEFL scores, as they are clear points scored, have more variations in them compared to IELTS bands.

In IELTS bands, the right questions are scored first and then converted into the bands. Nowadays many top Canadian Universities have IELTS requirements between 6 and 7.5 bands when it comes to IELTS. Depending on the courses, individual scores of each module are required.

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