Which Investments Offer the Best Returns in India?

Which Investments Offer the Best Returns in India?

One of the best ways to ensure steady growth of wealth over a long term is to invest the money. Regardless if you have just started earning or an expert investor, you should study the market for different types of investments before investing your hard-earned money.

The best way to have the best returns is to check for risks, an amount required, and the recommended term of the investment. Here are some of the most profitable investment options available in India:

Real Estate

Considering the return on investment that you can obtain from the investment; real estate can be considered one of the most profitable investments today. Depending on the area in which you have bought the real estate you can earn an amount in the range of INR 2-10 lakhs within a single year.

If you have more capital, you can invest in multiple properties, and if you prefer a steady flow of income, you can give it on rent as well. However, it requires a large capital to invest in the real estate market.

Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits or FDs are one of the safest investment options in India that provide relatively high returns on investment as well. Both banks and NBFCs provide you the option to invest money into fixed deposit accounts for a specific amount of time, from 1 year to 5 years.

You can use an FD calculator to determine the amount of investment, tenor for which you wish to invest, and you can obtain the rate of interest as well as the total income earned from the investment.

You can simply visit the online portal of the bank or NBFC and open a fixed deposit account to invest easily with low-risk returns. Prominent financial companies like Bajaj Finance offers additional benefits of availing loan against FD to eliminate the risk of premature withdrawal. You can open an FD with a minimum deposit of ₹25,000.

Equity Shares

Despite being considered a volatile market, the equity share market can be a very profitable way to invest your money if you play your cards right.

If you vigilantly observe market trends with adequate research, you can smartly earn a high amount of money in a relatively short amount of time. Furthermore, you can also earn interest from dividend on an annual basis.

Mutual Funds (SIPs)

If you find shares to too risky for investments but still want to earn high returns, you can high return by investing in mutual funds. The essential function of mutual funds is to re-invest the amount into shares picked by their analysts and to return your money with the interest income within the stipulated amount of time.

If you feel that mutual funds require high investment amount, you can also invest in Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) that allow you to invest in small amounts such as INR 5000 and above. By charging you a nominal fee, mutual funds allow you to invest in the equity market without having to spend a lot of time studying the market.

Gold ETFs

For Indians, gold has been one of the most favored investments which still stands true across all parts of India. While something that gold is only good for long term investment, there is some good news for you.

You can invest instead in Gold ETFs are exchange-traded funds that save you from the trouble of buying and storing physical gold, and allow you to invest at an actual price with the much-required transparency.

While every investment avenue brings its own advantages, you can look for one of the best benefits when investing in fixed deposit account. With FD investments, you can grow your money and gain high returns while also ensuring safety of your capital.

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