5 Ways to Make Your Campground the Ultimate Summer Destination

Summer is often a time when families take the opportunity to get out of the house and camp. From enjoying a gooey s’more over a fire to going on nature hikes, camping creates many charming experiences. There are thousands of campgrounds across America, which means anyone running one needs to make theirs a top destination.

How to Create a Perfect Summer Getaway at Your Campground

What you have in store at your campground can be the difference between people wanting to come back or not. With a few targeted changes, you can drastically increase your campground’s appeal and encourage repeat visits.

1. Enhance Your Amenities

One of the first things people will notice about your campground is its amenities. When campers seek the ideal destination, they often rule out campsites based on their features. That’s why you need to be intentional about the amenities in your campground.

If you want to offer the perfect perks for your guests, start with market research. Look at what other successful campgrounds are doing to increase their appeal. You’ll likely discover lots of ideas from your competitors that you can implement in your own camp.

Essential amenities include restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities. On the luxury side, you can provide access to Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, or even quality playground equipment for the kiddos.

Remember, an essential part of improving your amenities is keeping those you have clean and well-maintained. When you do, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests that will keep them coming back.

2. Offer Unique Activities and Experiences

To set your campground apart, offer activities that cater to all ages and interests. This could mean making your campground available as a weekend venue for events.

It might also mean providing workshops and classes. Archery, fishing, and survival skills are great places to start. If your site is located closer to civilization, offer art classes. Pottery or wood carving are fun options that allow campers to get their hands a little dirty.

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You can also advertise recreational activities like ropes courses, kayaking, or zip lining. The more niche your activities, the more distinct your campground becomes. Identify your campground’s core specialty or a set of skills your staff has. Look for something that breaks the mold of what people might expect at a campground, and give them an experience.

Maybe a member of your camp team is skilled in geology. In that case, create an activity or program that campers can participate in around your team’s skill sets. Position these as unique selling propositions your campground offers and no one else does. When people see your camp has something different, it will give them more reason to visit yours versus somewhere else.

3. Provide Tiers of Accommodations

One of the most attractive qualities any campground can have is a variety of different accommodation types. Everyone has their own preferences, and having multiple lodging options is important in providing a sense of exclusivity and personalization. How you structure your accommodations will likely impact the amenities your guests will have access to.

This is an important aspect to realize when creating different tiers of accommodations. Some people will want more amenities, and others will want less. Tiered lodging addresses that issue.

Start by offering a variety of standard lodging choices, such as tent sites, RV hookups, and cabins. From there, add more luxury options to your campground. These could include Yurts, deluxe cabins, tree-houses, and tiny homes.

For larger groups camping together, consider offering larger spaces and structures that accommodate ten or more people. The key here is to provide enough options to appeal to a wide range of tastes and standards of comfort.

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4. Promote Local Attractions and Partnerships

Sometimes, it isn’t your campground but its surroundings that are worth emphasizing. Highlighting local points of interest can boost people’s desire to come to your campground. Identify local hiking trails, recreational areas, restaurants, or historical sites that could make for an exciting excursion.

Show off these places on your website and throughout any documentation you provide your campers. You can even leave brochures of these places in the accommodations or on signage throughout the campground.

Working with local businesses can make your campground more attractive as well. Try to partner with local businesses and offer discounted packages or coupons for referrals from your campground. When people see you have a network of businesses that work with you, it will build their trust in your camp.

5. Emphasize Safety and Security

One of the things people want to know when picking a campsite is how safe it is. If it’s in an area where wildlife tends to roam, you should take measures to control it. Install secure fencing to keep wildlife away from camping areas. If bigger animals like bears are an issue, provide bear-proof containers for safe food storage. Based on what animals you deal with at your campground, you should educate guests on wildlife safety practices.

But beyond wildlife, you should also have a security protocol to protect the grounds against theft, vandalism, or kidnapping. Installing security cameras can help deter bad actors from making such attempts.

You should also have security staff who frequently patrol and monitor the grounds, if you can afford it. It’s important to express the levels of security you’ve installed in your campground. Knowing that your camp is safe instills confidence in potential visitors as they consider paying a visit.

Being a Leader in the Camping Industry

Making your campground the best summer getaway takes time and resources. However, focusing on core areas of improvement will pay off over time. Follow the tips above to turn your camp into a place your competitors seek to mimic. Even better, you will create a place your guests are eager to return to over and over again.

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