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How to Identify & Eliminate Keyword Cannibalization to Boost Your SEO

What is Keyword Cannibalization?

Keyword Cannibalization is a much less known word to the general public, though most SEO professionals know about it. It only happens when several pages on the same website compete with each other for the same keyword. It is generally known as cannibalizing because it splits the CTR, links, between two pages that should be one.

Following this, malpractice makes Google compare each page of your website, later selecting the only one that matches best.

How to fix keyword cannibalization?

Subsequently, this lowers the CTR, diminishing authority, and lower conversion rates of each page. SEO Agency Melbourne can serve as your one-stop SEO solution for all your needs. So below are possible solutions to boost your SEO.

  • Restructure Your Website

How to identify keyword cannibalization? One of the most feasible ideas for countering the problem of keyword cannibalization is to reshuffle the whole website.

It is better to streamline the most operational or authoritative page of the website and turn it into a landing page. Hence this landing page will link into other unique pages that will fall under the same targeted keywords.

Suppose we consider the example of a web page that has electronic products listed inside of it. It will be more practical to use the most functional page which has “electronics” in it and later back linking other websites to it or from it.

  • Alter Your Internal Linking

Another wise idea that even SEO experts forget is altering the internal links. There is a scope to improve your Google search engine ranking by linking to other content.

If you got content on your websites that link to other content of your website, it could gradually increase the search rankings. How?

keyword cannibalization
Website Audit

See, links can even embark their importance in search engines, so including a link to another piece of content or web page can result in inflation of ranking of the linked content.

You can alter the internal links, and adding less important content links can help in highlighting and prioritizing them. Doing this can highlight its presence on the search engine results page.

  • Consolidate Your Content

There are cases where the content isn’t unique enough, and they also target the same keyword. Thus, it is wise to combine those pages or contents into one, which will also solve the issue of poor or low content.

This gives a chance for poorly performing content to perform better.  Merging content will also increase your website’s search engine optimization.

  • Delete Content

Some SEO professionals even suggest deleting the whole web content. Web contents that have grown old or which no longer hold any relevance with what your website deals with.

Suppose that your business has grown in standards, and your dated, less professional, personal blog post using certain keywords that are still scoring high, then it is wise to delete the content.

  • Find new keywords or remove keywords

Another scenario arises when website owners have enough diversified and unique contents, which needs separate pages to be classified.

But they lack a planned keyword strategy to counter that. They need to search out new keywords that accurately describe your page’s content.

Removing keywords is another option where you might keep your content but omit keywords that aren’t much critical.

This process is more like a manual procedure, which is way more monotonous and tedious doing. But on the other side, they will keep your content simple and subtle.


Identifying keyword cannibalization is easy, as you can either use a spreadsheet or conduct a search along the lines of “Domain + keywords”.

Listing all the important URLs and keywords that are associated with it in a spreadsheet helps in finding the duplicate keywords.

Keyword cannibalization might also occur when the meta information of the title tags targets similar kinds of keywords.

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