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Maintenance You Should Do Every Single Fall

Spring is the time of year when you clean your house from top to bottom. Summer is the season when you dedicate your weekends to tending your garden and mowing your lawn. Read on this guide to learn what maintenance you should do every single fall?

Four Maintenance You Should Do Every Single Fall

You should be preparing your house for the rainy days and colder temperatures ahead. You’ll want to tackle these maintenance projects before the season is over.

  1. Clean Your Gutters

Those colorful leaves look beautiful when they are still attached to the tree branches. They are less admirable when they are wet and clumped in your rain gutters.

One of your big maintenance tasks for the fall should be to clean your gutters. Clogged gutters can stop rainwater from moving into the downspout and away from the home’s foundation.

The rainwater could fill up the gutters and spill over the sides, which could lead to problems like water damage and basement flooding.

Another reason why you should clean your gutters is that clumps of dirty leaves can make convenient nesting grounds for insects, birds and vermin.

If you want to prevent pests from cozying up in your gutters — or worse, making their way into your roof — you should clear out the debris from them.

  1. Clean the Filters

Soon enough, you won’t want to keep your windows open and let in the fresh air. It will be way too cold, and you’ll want to turn up the heat.

So, to make sure that your furnace is running efficiently, you should give it a clean filter. Then it won’t have to work twice as hard to heat up your house.

If you have a built-in HVAC filter, you will want to take it out and give it a thorough rinse. Let it dry and then place it back in the slot. If your system uses a disposable filter, you will need to replace it as soon as you can.

  1. Cleaning the Chimney

Do you have a brick fireplace that you intend to use when the temperatures drop? Then, you should get your chimney cleaned.

A dirty chimney is a fire hazard — this is because chimneys can build up creosote, which is highly flammable. You don’t want to put yourself at risk of a house fire because you let the maintenance task slip your mind.

Call a professional chimney cleaner to tackle the job for you and make your fireplace safer this year.

  1. Check on Your Home Appliances

There are two main appliances that you need to check on in the fall. Your furnace and your water heater. If either of these appliances fails when the weather gets cold, you’re going to be absolutely miserable. And if the weather is cold enough, losing these heat sources can be dangerous.

So, call up a professional to check on these appliances to see whether they’re in need of repairs. If you happen to have a home warranty, you might get discounted rates for these essential repairs.

If you don’t have that coverage — or your situation is exempt from the warranty — you will have to pay the entirety of the maintenance and repair costs out of pocket.

Do not skip this maintenance because of the cost. If you don’t have enough in your savings to cover a repair, you should consider borrowing funds to pay for it.

You can do this by submitting a request for a loan by phone through CreditFresh — as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for the loan.

With an approved personal loan, you could handle the repair costs right away, and rest assured that your house will stay warm throughout fall and winter.

Final thought

A personal loan can be a convenient solution for covering urgent repairs. You can use the temporary funds to resolve the problem and then follow a steady repayment plan afterward.

You don’t want to forget about what maintenance you should do every single fall. Make your life much easier by crossing them off of your to-do list!

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