Solar Panel Mounting in India

A solar panel mounting in India has a big future and enhancement. You can generate electricity for free by using solar panels for your home or business. Currently, the rooftop solar panels convert about 20 percent of solar energy that falls on it into electricity. However, there are certain things should be considered before solar panel mounting.

1. Repairing of roof

If the roof of the building is damaged then its not a good idea to do solar panel mounting on a damaged roof. It will increase the maintenance cost. The warranty of your solar panel should be compared with the warranty on the roof.

2. Assessing the space on the roof

The available space directly affects the return of investment (ROI) as electricity generated depends on the space.

3. Roof slope direction

Solar panels need a particular position to create the maximum amount of electricity. It is ideal if the direction of the slope of the roof is towards the south or west.

4. The capacity of the roof to take the weight

When we are mounting solar panels, we are putting additional weight on the solar panel. At the time of construction of building roof is designed to take the weight of the roof therefore it is essential to check whether the roof can sustain the additional weight of solar panels.

5. Climate conditions

Anyone living in a place where the rainy season lasts for six months should not think of solar panel mounting. Also, lightning storms, hurricanes can damage solar panel therefore it will be better to buy insurance to cover these calamities.

Once the basic cost of installation is covered, you’ll not require to spend a cent on the electricity they generate. By using rooftop solar panels at home, you are helping the environment by reducing carbon footprint since it is green and renewable energy.

A. What are the basic things to know about Solar panel mounting?

What are the different types of solar panel mounting?

  • Sloped roof mounting system

We always found solar panels mounted on the sloping rooftop in residential buildings. There are many options to mount solar panels on the rooftop stated as follows.

Standard rail system

In this solar system, rails are connected to the roof to support rows of solar panels. The rails are supported by anchors and bolts which are penetrated in the roof. The durability of this system is more amongst all systems.

Rail less system

This system is rail free and hardware is directly supported on anchors and bolts. Removing rails reduces the significant cost of manufacturing and shipping leading to speed up the process of installation. The orientation, direction, and several solar panels can be altered in this system as rails are not present in this system.

Shared rail system

In this system middle rail is shared therefore one entire length of rail is saved. Due to this fewer roof penetration is needed.

  • Flat roof mounting system

Most commercial and industrial buildings like workshops, garages. Office etc have a flat roof. If solar panel mounting is done on these flat roofs then it is called a flat roof mounting system. In this system, penetrations are fewer as compared to the sloped roof system.

The solar panel is tilted to the best angle generally between 5 degrees to 15 degrees to generate maximum electricity. In this option, there is a large area of the rooftop is available and the surface is flat hence solar panels are dually tilted.

  • Inbuilt solar system

This system can be adopted in case of new building construction. In this case, Solar panels are integrally built-in structures resulting elimination of anchors and penetrations. As solar panels are part of the structure it improves aesthetics of the structure.

B. Have you considered efficiency evaluation?

The electricity generated by the solar panel power system should be greater than the amount of your electricity usage. Hence it is better to do an energy audit of your home and draft for efficiency upgrades.

C. Leasing or Buying?

You may lease or buy a solar power system from the installer. In leasing initial cost of construction is almost nothing but you have to pay a certain rate for electricity consumed to the installer. After the end of the contract, the period installer may take the system away. Whether in buying the power system is yours for a lifetime. The initial cost is higher in this option. Thus, Leasing or buying mainly depends on your budget.

D. Mind your Maintenance!

Periodic maintenance has to be performed in a solar panel mounting system. Therefore, the maintenance budget for the life span period should be evaluated. It is always better to put maintenance in the contract.

E. How to sign a solar panel installation contract?

Terms and conditions have to be mentioned in the contract. There are few things you should take note stated as follows

Costing expenditure (Check if there is any hidden cost)

  • Ownership terms
  • Usage of energy generated
  • Maintenance responsibility and its cost.

Until you are not comfortable never sign a contract with the installer/contractor.

Have you noted warranties?

Warranties are a sign of a manufacturer’s accountability. As this equipment are costly hence warranties should note carefully. There are following types of warranties

  • Solar panel warranty
  • Inverter warranty
  • Installation warranty

Have you bought the right insurance?

If you live in contrast weather condition then the right insurance to protect your solar power system is a must. Thunderstorms, hurricanes can damage your solar panels. As the cost of installation is high right insurance is advised.

Have you checked for government subsidies and facilities?
The government is boosting the use of renewable and green energy by offering various subsidiaries. If you are from a farmer background then you must check government subsidies and facilities.

Is the contractor that you have chosen is trusted.?

It is essential to choose a contractor in the solar panel mounting process. Many things like quality of materials, warranties, maintenance, installation costing, usage terms mainly depend on the contractor. Appointing the right contractor results in quality work leading to lower maintenance costs for a lifetime.

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