Facebook Wi-Fi – How Does It Work and Set-up

It is not that easy to market a business. However, Facebook can help you to do so. Its popularity is rising exponentially, and it is coming up with whole new sets of features for making things easier for businessmen. Earlier, people needed a steep investment for their businesses. However, technology leveled the competition for everyone.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi and How Does It Work?

With Facebook Wi-Fi, you can attract old and new customer check-ins, boot local exposure, and gain loyal followers. In this article, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about this technology.

What are Facebook Wi-Fi features and benefits? Some of the popular benefits are as follows:

  • Attract more followers: 

When you have this Wi-Fi, the visitors of your business will get the option of checking in to your business through Facebook. Your visitors’ check-ins can also be seen by their family and friends. This, in turn, will help you to get connected to more people.

  • Followers through Instagram:

You can also connect the Instagram profile of your business. This will allow your visitors to access your Wi-Fi through their Instagram. After a visitor gets connected to your WIFI through Instagram, they may follow your business to get your latest news and updates.

  • Allow the people looking for Wi-Fi on Facebook to find you:

There is an uncountable number of people on Facebook who search for Wi-Fi every month. Your Facebook Wi-Fi will help your customers to find businesses like yours, and this way, you can get connected to more people.

  • See more activity on the Facebook page:

When your visitor checks in and gets connected to your Facebook Wi-Fi, it directs them to your Facebook business page where your visitors can like and learn more about the business you are having. Facebook Wi-Fi for Business can boost in-page activity.

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  • Learn more about your visitors:

You can see how many people have got connected to your Facebook Wi-Fi and checked into your business. And also, you can see the unique users who have checked other insights like a specific month, how many new users there are, or how many users are returning.

  • Better connection for the customers:

With the Facebook Wi-Fi, the visitors of your business will not need to ask for your Wi-Fi passwords you or your employee. For getting online, your business customers will be asked to log in to Facebook and see into your business. Also, limits can be set on how much data the visitors can put to use in every session.

  • Better advertisement to the most relevant audience:

With the custom audience feature of Facebook Wi-Fi, you can easily target audiences who have checked your business or are connected to your business for showing ads or targeting the same people as your visitors via similar-looking audiences.

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Reach more people with Facebook Wi-Fi FREE

Facebook Wi-Fi offers your visitors the option of getting connected to your Wi-Fi FREE. It increases the check-ins to your Facebook business page. This further allows your visitors’ friends to have your business’ visibility. Also, you can get valuable insights into visitors, like whether they have only checked you once or if they are returning customers.

Facebook has remained a huge platform for businesses to promote their services and bring their products into the limelight. The integration of Facebook and Wi-Fi is becoming a powerful tool for organizations to get more attention.

Your visitors can like your Facebook page, get engaged with your content, and share your content with others. This allows your visitor’s friends to find out about your business as well.

Does Facebook Wi-Fi work on existing Wi-Fi?

The best thing about Facebook Wi-Fi is that it is not a standalone network, and it works on your existing wireless connection with the right type of Facebook wi-fi compatible router.

To make use of this powerful tool, you can easily add the features to the Wi-Fi that you already have. Also, you can set up Facebook wi-fi for free in 20 minutes or less.

Step 1: Based on your router, the instructions may vary. So, follow the instructions of the manufacturer to set up the router.

Step 2: Go to the “Page Settings” and then connect your “Facebook Page” business account to the “Facebook Wi-Fi”.

Step 3: Then, you will need to customize your settings like session length, skip check-ins, and others.

Step 4: For testing your Facebook Wi-Fi, you need to connect your device to Wi-Fi and then wait for some time for the Facebook log-in window to appear. In case you want to change the Wi-Fi settings of Facebook for a page, click on “Settings” for the page, and then click on “Facebook Wi-Fi”.

Now, you have finally set up your Facebook Wi-Fi on your existing Wi-Fi. After having 100 Wi-Fi check-ins, you can make use of Insights for tracking check-ins and make Custom Audiences for your ads.

Which are Facebook Wi-Fi-compatible routers?

Some of the Facebook wifi routers that are compatible with your Facebook Wi-Fi are, EnGenius, Intelbras (Brazil and Latin America only), TP-Link, Ubiquiti UniFi, and Netgear, D-Link, Meraki, Aruba, Zyxel, ASUS, Ruckus, and Open Mesh. Get Free Wi-Fi among all the connections that Facebook supports.

Business’s Instagram Profile

Instagram allows you to make your posts private, and you can connect your Instagram account to the Facebook page of your business. You can connect your business to Instagram. People can make use of your Facebook Wi-Fi through their Instagram profile as well.

This will help you to get more noticed by the target audience. So, you are getting double benefits at a time. With Facebook Wi-Fi, people will be able to access you on Facebook and as well on Instagram.

When you have an Instagram Business Profile you get access to Instagram Insights, you can add a contact button, your entire industry can be shown on your Instagram profile, you can add links to your Instagram stories, make promotional posts and advertise on Instagram, and besides, you can verify age.


Technology is advancing, and this is leading to the advancement of social media sites as well. Facebook and Instagram are just the two sides of a coin. The introduction of Facebook Wi-Fi does not only boost your visibility on Facebook but also on Instagram. Also, new features will be added soon for user convenience.

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