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Laminate Flooring in the Kitchen – Pros & Cons

What are the most important benefits and drawbacks of laminate flooring in the kitchen? Each flooring type comes with both benefits and drawbacks, and #laminate #flooring is undoubtedly one of them.  Laminate has become the most preferred flooring option for the majority of homeowners. If you are looking forward to having laminate as the flooring option in your house, it is ideal for learning as much as you can about laminate flooring.

As with all flooring options, laminate flooring also has specific benefits and drawbacks. Knowing the pros and cons of this option can help you make a qualified decision.

Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring in Kitchen

Elegant laminate wood flooring installation in the kitchen area creates the aesthetic look of classic European oak. Still, navigating through all the available flooring options while redoing your kitchen can be difficult. Nevertheless, many homeowners nowadays prefer laminate flooring installation in their kitchen due to its many benefits.

When planning kitchen flooring, laminate tends to be an ultimate option if you want to make an aesthetic improvement over vinyl sheet flooring but are on a limited budget. However, before making your decision, it is recommended to look at this comprehensive list of benefits and drawbacks of the laminate flooring installation in your kitchen.

Benefits of Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Aesthetically appealing

Laminate is believed to be an extremely versatile flooring option for most homes in Ontario, Canada. One of the reasons it is so popular is that laminate comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns.

You can opt for a laminate flooring installation with the wood color and pattern to provide your house with the look and feel of hardwood. Instead of having blot(s) on your floor, you can figure out the right shade by simply exploring hundreds of colors and shades to find out the best fit for your flooring.

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Besides, with laminate as your house flooring option, you get up-to-date and ever-lasting design options. Whether you are interested in having modern, sleek laminate planks, or you want to give your kitchen a rustic antique look, you can get all possible tile and plank options.

Many tile manufacturers in Canada have moved on beyond faux wood flooring options to different shades of laminate flooring with options like metal and stone.

The availability of aesthetically attractive laminate flooring options makes it easier to transform your kitchen and entire house with a stylish, striking, and serene look.

Affordable than stone

The most alluring feature of laminate flooring is affordability for most homeowners. It is a lot cheaper than the various other flooring options. For example, when comparing hardwood with laminate, you will find that hardwood is five times more expensive.

When it comes to hardwood vs laminate floor installation, laminate flooring is an excellent option for saving money in the process.

Many flooring options do not require stapling, gluing, or nailing while installing. Instead, the laminate tiles or planks are clubbed together to create a floating floor.

Often, apart from changing or removing anything, you only need to install the laminate tiles or planks over the existing floor. Many homeowners do the DIY installation process and save money on the labour charges.

Fewer defects

Laminate is designed to appear the most authentic without having any flaws associated with other flooring options.

Like, if you install hardwood or stone flooring, there are times when you will find pieces with unique and unusual colors and patterns. These pieces may look odd on the floor.

However, you will need to sacrifice aesthetics or spend more on replacing pieces that fit in more seamlessly with your flooring.

With laminate, it is different!

Laminate planks or tiles provide a plethora of flooring options that mimic the aesthetics of various natural materials.

With laminate flooring Bowmanville you can get real options that appear common to other flooring types without the unusual defects.

The design and color of laminate planks and tiles are consistent since the manufacturers’ quality is easy to control.

Easy-to-maintain and durability

Each piece of laminate flooring incorporates a transparent wear layer. The layer protects the flooring from stains, fading, and scratches.

Besides, laminate can hold up very well in areas with a lot of foot traffic, particularly the kitchen. The wear layer provides the flooring with an extra level of durability you might not find in any other flooring option.

Additionally, the wear layer is also easy-to-clean and smooth. You can effortlessly clean your kitchen laminate flooring by wiping it regularly. Once in a while, you can use a damp cloth or mop for more thorough cleaning.

Drawbacks of Laminate Flooring Kitchen

Moisture Damage

Direct exposure to humidity for a long duration can damage laminate flooring. Water spills or other liquid stains are common problems in high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Not a big deal! If you tidy up the spills as soon as they occur, they will not cause damage to the floor.

But, if you allow moisture to sit on the floor for a long time, the dampness will sooner or later cause the flooring to warp and cause staining.

Take timely steps to prevent water damage to your home laminate flooring. Clear out the spills promptly and place a mat under the water dishes if you have a pet.

Every time you sweep the floor, wipe it with a cloth immediately instead of letting the remaining moisture evaporate.

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Cannot refinish

Laminate flooring is impossible to restore or refinish once it wears out. In this case, you will need to change the entire flooring. Since it is made of snap-together tiles or planks, it is good to get additional pieces in any case if you need to replace a specific part of the kitchen floor that gets worn out with time.

There is also a bright side. Waterproof laminate flooring is usually durable and lasts for about twenty years or more. The kitchen area has the highest number of foot traffic in a house. However, look for a high-quality laminate option if you want your flooring to last for twenty-plus years.

Not Eco-Friendly

If you want a green kitchen, laminate might not be the right choice. Laminate flooring will not break down early precisely due to the wear layer it has.

Unfortunately, the layer is made of plastic. Besides, some laminate options are also composed of chemicals like formaldehyde that discharges VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). It is good to learn that VOCs are harmful gasses that can harm your environment and health.

Indeed, a little research can help you get laminate flooring options that are sustainable and eco-friendly than other available varieties.

However, choose the laminate tiles or planks made from sustainably-sourced or recyclable materials. These types of options are often made from wood from ecologically managed forests.

Choose the laminate plank or tile options that you can lay on the flooring without adhesive or glue, likely to contain VOC.

Hopefully, this piece of writing may lead you to discuss laminate as a possible option for your dream kitchen. You might or may not feel confident to make it your best choice.

Take your needs and budget into consideration while making the decision. Laminate flooring can be a fantastic, attractive, and economical option for your high-traffic kitchen area. Every flooring will have pros and cons. So do laminate have!

Nevertheless, if it sounds right for your kitchen, shop from your local laminate flooring company like EastCanfloor.com, BestTilesandFlooring.com, McGavinHardwoodFlooring.ca, DixieTileShop.com and talk about the top kitchen flooring options with their flooring experts.

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