Do You Want to Hire Painting Professional During COVID-19?

Hiring painting professional during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During the last six months because of quarantine, perhaps you have become too careful with your screwdriver, hammer and paintbrush. Due to prevailing lockdown everywhere, we could not hire tradespeople to do any work in our homes. Therefore, DIY skills have become really a necessity.

However, slowly and steadily the world has started opening back and depending upon DIY work is no longer necessary.

Vibe’s Painting Company from in Denmark, which is a well-known maler firma Roskilde (English meaning is painter company Roskilde) does everything in the interior as well as exterior painting. This Painting Company has been in the business for the last 18 years.

So, if you want to hire any tradesman for doing any painting work then you may look for the following:

1. Check for license and insurance

While hiring any professional for doing painting jobs, the first thing to ensure is that the professional must be licensed by any locally recognized authority and must have a valid insurance policy with him.

2. Contact-free quoting

We are passing through a period when COVID-19 is killing many people. Therefore, you have to be a little careful about having any physical contact with them. Make sure that they also offer their quotation online, which is contact-free.

3. Prefer for painting professionals

Make sure that you only deal with those who are professional painters who have got the necessary qualifications and also experience in this field. The longer experience will always be preferred. Don’t prefer to hire any untrained people to save a few euros.

4. Virtual colour consultations

There are online colour tools available that will allow you to upload photos of your room and then try different paint colours. In 2020, most paint consultants are always using such online tools, so that you can make a proper paint selection of paint.

5. Special safety protocols

You need to follow certain protocols because of the present pandemic situation, which include:

• Asking the painter whether anyone at their location has tested COVID-19 positive or sick.
• Painters need to stay home if they are sick
• Should always wear CDC-approved face masks
• Observe social distancing.

6. Wearing Mask is a must


It has been seen that by wearing masks, people could reduce the spreading of the virus. So, painters who may be entering your home must wear a CDC-approved face cover. This can also be cloth tied over their face, cloth face mask or N-95 mask.

7. Social distancing

They must stay apart while working together in order to stop any virus spread. All the crews must be well aware of social distancing guidelines. Also, they should adhere to all those safety requirements during, before and after completion of the project.

8. Hand hygiene

Cleaning up of hands is part of their job besides in view of the COVID-19, they must also regularly wash their hands so that they are always free from any virus.

9. Insist on a quality job

Along with all the protocols that painting professionals need to observe during the work, you should also insist on them doing a quality job too.

10. Save time

By hiring a suitably trained painting professional, you can certainly finish the job faster and save your time too.

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