5 Signs That Tells Hot Chinese Girls Likes You

Thinking about Chinese brides? Do you find hot Chinese girls hot, attractive and charming? Or are you not sure whether your Chinese female friend likes you or not? Well, then this is the place where you should be. Understanding a woman’s signs has never been so easy, whether she is Asian, European, or American. However, she is not as complicated as the theory of Relativity.

How to Tell If a Hot Chinese Girl Likes You or Not?

Knowing whether hot Chinese girls like you or not isn’t that complicated task. You only need to interpret her signs if she wants you to understand her behaviours. Here’s how to know if she likes you or not.

  1. Take note of her smile and the way she talks:

The girl who likes you will not treat you in the same way she treats others. Hey, wait! Don’t take her “you are my best friend” signs as she likes you. Taking the wrong train will lead to heartbreak, of course.

They might not be that much expressive with her words. Her smile will tell.  Well, let me tell you the secret – Chinese ladies love a guy who can make them smile. Making her smile and laugh often will be easier for them to open up in front of you.

dating chinese women

If she was born and brought up in a family where her opinions were barely heard, then communication with her is the key. If you are serious about dating a Chinese girl, getting involved in easy talks is the key.

Listen to her and value her opinion. Her comfort with you will let you know if she likes you or not. Well, these are not the ultimate signs, so keep patience for more signs to get the answers if a Chinese woman likes you.

2. Is she making efforts? Congratulations, she is into you!

The girl who likes you must show her interest in you. Unlike girls from other cultures, Chinese girls don’t go vocal about their feelings. Instead, they will make you understand her behaviour.

Her interest in what you like, what you say, what you do, how’s your health, or remembering your little incidents are because she is interested in you- she cares for you.

Just because they are sweet and cute, that doesn’t mean they don’t get jealous. The girl might feel jealous if you get too close to your other female friends. And if she does, then she is too possessive about sharing you with others.

3. She ready to go on a date with you!

You can take it as a positive sign and two steps towards YES. If she agrees to go on a date, then she already likes to spend time with you. Understanding her body language on a date is the best thing you can do to get your answers.

dating Chinese women

Some little activities, like playing with her hair, smiling, putting all efforts to look good, can be taken as she is interested. Her laughing at your witty, sarcastic lines can work well. However, hold yourself back from making jokes if you are not good at it because you can’t impress hot Chinese girls with a bad sense of humour.

There are possibilities of coming here close to you on her first date. It may not be sex, but a bit cuddle, or maybe a kiss can be the definite signs – she likes you. Well, if she is drunk, then it’s better not to take anything seriously.

Pro tip! Avoid getting drunk on your first date.

4. Is she opening up in front of you? That may be something!

If she loves to talk about everything with you, then you are on her list of comfort zones. If she says everything, then either you are her best friend or are the one she has feelings for.

The girl who likes you must not think twice before speaking of her heart in front of you. Listen to her what she says. She will explore her hidden sides with you, her hidden pain, happiness, anger, or maybe the childishness. Or perhaps it’s her naughty, seductive side, hidden desires, and bold fantasies. Don’t miss a single sign. I repeat, don’t.

5. She ready to make you meet her family and culture

Chinese girls know how to value their traditions, family, and culture. Their cultures are rich in every aspect. Chinese brides always go for a partner after getting approval from their family. Are you invited to a family dinner? Good news!

Chinese girl

The culture includes everything. From the girl’s language, favourite festivals to the food she loves, she will share everything with you. To the answer of how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you, these reasons are enough.

Bottom Line:

Though Chinese girls are not that frank about their feelings, it does not mean that they can’t be straightforward. Who knows, if you are lucky enough, she might propose to you. Just give her enough reasons to keep her liking you. Be real and honest, so it won’t be challenging to find out if you are the one for her or not.

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