Conquering the Minds: Mental Health and Some Ways to Take Care of It

Keep your Mind Healthy: Learn Why Mental Health is Very Important

Just like our physical health, it is also essential to feel good in the mind. According to WHO, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO). So a person with proper clarity in the mind will be able to contribute more toward society.

According to psychiatrists, the proper working of the mind owes to a lot of external factors. They include socio-economic factors, environmental factors and even biological factors. Let us look at some ways suggested by psychiatrists doctors to tackle our mental issues.

Have a Comfort Zone

Human beings are dependent on each other for everything, including mental health. They need one other for almost all the activities of the day. Confiding with one another about the issues in life is also an important process of interdependent existence. Another important thing to take note of is the fact that it is normal to feel negative in life.

One needs immense courage to talk about one’s emotions. It’s not a sign of weakness, but a way of taking control over one’s well-being says a psychiatrist in Bangalore. Talking is a solution to a lot of problems.

human feelings

Although talking about one’s feelings is the hardest, it helps a lot with feeling better about something that has been disturbing you for a while. Nowadays, people listen to reply but having someone who listens to make one feel better is what is lacking now. If you have someone like that, consider yourself lucky!

It is also important to not feel forced to talk about one’s feelings. Conversations should happen naturally. This helps more in feeling better naturally. It is not a necessity to talk about everything only to your family. This is where friends, colleagues, distant cousins, random strangers or even a psychiatrist come to your aid.

Put Yourself First

Every individual is important and so does their emotions. It is important for individuals to give priority to themselves in everything. Do things for your own well being rather than adjusting to the needs of others. If something makes you uncomfortable, say it out loud rather than suffering through it.

Every individual should find time for themselves at least for a few hours every day. Start a hobby, go for a walk or even listen to your favourite playlist. Make sure you spend this time only with yourself and not compromise it for anyone else.

give priority to self

This gives the opportunity to retrospect on the things that happened that day and work on it. It helps you to find the grey areas and validate it. Retrospections are very important to correct oneself and also to stand firm.

Studies show that doing things you love makes the brain release a chemical that helps you feel good. It also boosts the self-esteem and confidence level in a person.

Eat and Drink the Right Way

A balanced diet can work wonders on both your physical and mental health.  Food has a long-lasting effect on the brain, which needs the right nutrients to function well. A balanced diet should contain a consistent dose of these foods.

  1. Plenty of water
  2. Nuts
  3. Dairy
  4. Wholegrain cereals and bread
  5. Lots of fruits and vegetables.

Avoid eating a lot of junk food and a lot of coffee and sugar, which has an immediate effect on the brain. It is important to stick to three meals a day and never skip your breakfast at any cost.

Temporary Relieves is No Good

It is the normal tendency of all human beings to go after temporary diversions to feel better. This gives nothing better but only leads to uncontrollable addictions. Some common addictions started out as a stress-buster, in the beginning, are alcohol and drugs.

Some habits in life can be very misleading. For instance, a person who drinks becomes an alcoholic only when they look at drinking as a means of relief. It leads to a lot of other health issues and nothing better.


Similarly being on unprescribed medications can also affect one’s temperament. These medications become their relief and their side effects also keep increasing. The same goes for smoking or any other unnatural means of coping with relief.


It is normal for everybody to have issues with mental health. However, the important thing is how a person is able to cope with it. Seek medical health if you’re not able to manage your stress or anxiety. Sometimes, it could be symptoms of a different disorder.

There is a common stigma in a society based on meeting a psychiatrist. This is something that has to be re-oriented as mental health is as important as physical health.

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