How to get the best market value by selling your scrap gold jewellery?

Undoubtedly gold is a precious metal and offers multiple benefits, especially the monetary one. But, if you have turned into jewellery, you must have picked a trend and pattern for its creation. But, as time passage, the trend remains no hotter and you would avoid wearing it at any party or function. At such times, selling that old or out-of-fashion jewelry to reputable gold buyers in Delhi would be a great idea.

The buyer will fetch you the best market value for your scrap gold jewellery. In this article, you will learn various ways to get the best market value for your old gold ornaments.

Know some technical terms

When you visit a gold buyer, he will try to make understand the gold buying process. To convince you to the fullest and make the conversation impactful, he will use some technical terms. If you are unaware of those terms, you won’t get convinced and may even lose a great deal.

So, it would be nice, know some technical terms, like Karat, Gold Evaluation, pure gold, making a charge, and scrap gold in advance. Like “Scrap Gold” is an expression that refers to gold when it remains no longer valuable in its marketed form, for instance- broken or non-trendy jewelery. The terms “Pure gold” refer to gold that has no mix, like 24 carats.

Antique Gold vs Contemporary Gold

Gold, be it contemporary or old, is of immense value. But, there remains a huge difference in the values of both kinds of gold items. For instance- if your gold is antique that is your forefathers and even generations before had bought that item, you will find a good value for it when you sell it to gold buyers near me. A trusted gold buyer near your residence will always be a convenient option to visit its outlet.

Know the formula for calculating metal price- You should also know the method of how to calculate the price of the precious metal and the maths behind it. The formula employed to calculate the price of the metal is- price (the daily spot price) multiplied by purity (the true fine metal content) times weight (can be in grams chiefly).

The purity of the metal is the karat of gold or percentage noble metal i.e. gold. 14 karat is 14/24 or .583 gold and 18 karats is 18/24 or .750 gold. Suppose the spot price of gold is ₹ 22, 000 and a 14K ring weighing 10 would work like this – ₹ 22, 000 X .583 (the fineness of gold.

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Check Purity

Before you reach a jewelery buyer near me, first check if your jewellery has hallmark signs or not. Hallmarks ensure the purity of gold ornaments. Any gold jewellery that has 916 hallmarks means it has 91.6% purity of gold for 22-carat gold. A reputable gold buyer will also count on this feature of gold and would like to go for it instead of any non-hallmarked gold as it doesn’t hold any authenticity of its purity.

Now for the jewellery which is not hallmarked, take it first to a gold buyer near me branch which has a carat meter, which determines the purity of gold. You can check their information on the internet.

Post testing the gold jewelery, you will get the details about the percentage of various other elements (silver, copper, etc) other than gold in that jewellery along with its final purity (in karats).

Know Your Buyer

The best option is to go to a reputed gold buyer near me as the chances of getting the best market value is maximum. However, there’s a small glitch here. You need to know your buyer and ensure the following things –

1. 3 Step Gold Buying

A. Bring Your Jewelery to the Branch – Visit your nearest branch across Delhi NCR to avoid any discomfort. Come with the gold jewelery that you have to sell.

B. Testing of Gold – We will do testing of gold by using KARATMETER, a globally recognized technology for measuring the purity of gold. We will check how pure is your gold and then we will proceed further.

At the branches of the gold buyer in Delhi, we avoid using the old method of purity checking which does not guarantee the accuracy, and also invalid in the world of digitization. Karatmeter is used because it is a non-destructive method and also provides excellent accuracy.

C. Get Instant Cash – Once your gold has passed all parameters; we will initiate the process of cash release. You will get instant cash for a certain amount. Else, may have to opt for other transaction option.

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2. Awarded Trusted Buyer

The success of a business depends on its customers. Gold buyer near me has 31 branches across Delhi NCR at different locations and this certainly indicates that the company has gained the trust of its audience.

On the account of the same, it has been awarded a trusted buyer of gold. If you are looking for the best market value by selling your scrap jewelery, you should count this attribute of the buyer as well. This will get you mental satisfaction.

3. Expert Professional

Gold buyers in Delhi branches have teams of certified professionals with immense experience in the field of buying jewelery and related products. Examining gold is not an easy task and it is totally acknowledgeable here. All executives go under robust training provided by the management professionals and also pass numerous tests before they meet customers and deal with them and estimate the value of their assets.

Every seller of gold looks forward to selling his gold at the best price, but the lack of knowledge does not let him do so. Becoming smart and taking some necessary steps will definitely help him reach a reputable buyer and also the best market value for his scrap gold jewelery. This idea won’t only help you for one time, but whenever you want to sell your old gold, it will be helpful. Also, you can call them and schedule your meeting to avoid any inconvenience.

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