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Best Floating Light Ideas for Your Swimming Pool

Who doesn’t like having a small and beautiful pool at the home? Having a swimming pool in your home is good, but it’s great to have attractive floating lights for pool. The calm blue water in the pool itself enhances the appeal of your home, but the beautiful lights can make it look attractive lots during the night.

Colour lighting makes your pool attractive at night and also safe for swimming after the sun goes down. There is a variety of lights that make your pool look stylish and secure in the dark. Let us check some beautiful lighting ideas for your swimming pool.

LED Pool Lights

LED lights are called the lighting of the future due to the wide range available and their low energy consumption. LED lights can light up your pool in the way you want as they are available in a wide variety of beautiful shapes and designs.

Moreover, you can get the LED lights in any color or multiple colours to make your pool look attractive in the dark. You can get the LED light for installation on the boundary of the pool, nearby area and inside the pool. Some LED lights can be installed easily, but for special designs and inside pool lights you need to take help from a professional.

Fiber optic pool lights

If you want some subtle pool lights that can lighten the area without glare, then fiber optic lights are the best for you. Installing the fiber optic lights on the sides of the pool can distribute the light uniformly throughout the pool.

The fiber optic lights are expensive and not as long-lasting as other options. However, they provide soft light and are available in a variety of designs. Moreover, they look beautiful and adapt well even in the traditional pools like the concrete pools in Perth.

Coloured underwater lights

The underwater lights are essential for the safety of swimming during the night. The underwater lights can make the sides and floor visible to make it safe for swimming anytime.

These underwater lights can be acquired in a variety of colors. You can choose any color to make the hue spread in the water and increase the visual appeal of your pool.

Colour changing lights

Coloured lights look attractive, and they affect human moods and emotions. There are colour-changing lights that change automatically after a set period.

One can also install colour-changing lights which provide an option to activate any color of their choice. The pool water also takes the tone of the light you choose.

Floating Lights for Pool

If you have inadequate lights in your pool or don’t want to install underwater lights, you can opt for floating pool lights. These floating lights for the pool can illuminate the swimming pool water and move on the surface to offer it a beautiful look.

floating lights for swimming pool

Even if you have enough lighting around your pool, you can have some floating lights to make your pool more appealing. Kids love the floating lights as they are colourful and move on the surface of the water.

Floating lights are also available with solar charging, and they charge themselves in the daylight so that you can use them at the night. Today in the market, a variety of floating lights products are obtainable in various designs and shapes like balls, stars, squares and lampshades.

Lights Above Pool

If you don’t like the underwater pool lights, you can install some lights above your pool. There are string lights and hanging lights that are mounted directly on a rope or string for which you don’t need to create a structure. Moreover, you can also install the pole lamps on the sides of your pool that can illuminate the pool as well as some areas around it.

Lights for different areas

If you have some plants or a sitting area beside your pool, you can install different colours of lights for different areas. For example, you can install yellow lights on the plants or sitting area and pink or blue coloured lights for the pool water.

Some professional interior designers can better suggest highlighting various spots of pool water area with the different color of lights. A pool has a shallow area for kids and a deep area for experienced swimmers. You can illuminate both areas with the different colors of lights.

Illuminating various areas of the pool with different colors can make it look beautiful when seen from a balcony or a second-floor window.

Final words

Lighting can illuminate a pool as well as improve its visual appeal. Before using any lights for your pool, it is best to research the best pool lighting ideas online as well as offline. You can visit some local stores that sell the lighting products and ask them about the pool lights.

Moreover, researching online will help you get a better idea of how the lights will look when installed on a pool design or in the surrounding area.


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