Benefits of Using Solar Energy Batteries at Your Home

Thinking of investing in solar energy for your home? If so, this is one of the smartest home improvement projects you can choose. Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy hailed as the best alternative to fossil fuels. With solar energy batteries, you will get more reliable electricity, save on costs of energy in your home, and increase your home’s footprint. It’s possible in some countries to sell the excess electricity to the national grid.

One of the biggest challenges for the adoption of solar is variability. When there’s no sunlight, you might have problems getting enough electricity. High-capacity solar energy batteries are a big trend in clean energy industries to help homeowners get the best out of their solar energy systems. If you plan to install a solar energy system, this post looks at the reasons to include an energy storage system.

Importance of Solar Energy Batteries

solar energy storage
Exploring the Future of Solar Power with Lithium Batteries

To appreciate the importance of solar energy batteries, first, consider how they work. Your solar energy system comprises solar panels, solar charge controllers, batteries, inverter and wiring.

When solar photovoltaic units convert the sun’s energy into electricity, the current flows into the solar charge converter and into the batteries. The inverter converts DC into AC energy for use by appliances.

When you have excess electricity from the solar panels, your energy storage system comes in handy. You can store electricity for use when the system isn’t very efficient.

During the charging process of the battery, the electric current from the solar array passes through an energy conversion process from electricity to chemical energy. During discharging, the reverse happens and the electric current converts from chemical energy into electric energy.

Why Use Solar Energy Batteries?

If you want to get the most out of your solar panel system, consider investing in high-quality Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. The storage system allows you to maximize the electricity generated by your solar panels.

At the times when your home needs more electricity than the solar array produces, you can use the solar energy you have stored. Here are the advantages of using solar energy batteries:

  • Use More Solar in Your Home

When you invest in good solar energy batteries, you can use more of the solar power your system generates instead of exporting it. When the sun shines, the solar arrays generate a lot of electricity and you can’t use it all in the house.

Without a storage system, you’re forced to export a lot of it and you have to buy it back. With a solar battery, you can now leverage more of the clean and renewable energy you produce from your system.

  • Get More Value for Money from Your Investment

One of the main reasons to invest in solar is to save on the high cost of electricity. You can power the heating and cooling systems, which consume a lot of electricity and other appliances as well.

However, you need to use as much of this free source of energy as possible and solar energy batteries help you do this.

The more solar energy you use in your home, the more money you save and the more cost benefits you get from this massive investment.

  • Energy Independence

Fossil fuels are unreliable and in many countries, there’s an increase in outages. When you invest in a solar panel system, the idea is to gain independence from the national grid and avoid power outages.

One of the main benefits of energy storage systems is to give you energy security by storing excess energy that you can later draw on to power your home.

The best solar energy batteries can power appliances in your home whenever the national grid suffers outages.

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  • Environment Benefits

Reduction of carbon footprint is one reason to invest in a high-capacity solar energy system for your home. You contribute greatly to energy conservation when you use renewable energy.

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However, you can increase the benefits to the environment by storing excess energy and using more of it when your system isn’t efficient. You can also release some clean energy into the national grid and increase the percentage of renewables.

  •  Reduce Electric Bill

When you have solar energy storage in place, you reduce the total cost of electricity in your house. You don’t have to worry about charges by electricity retailers as you can make your home self-sufficient in terms of energy production. When you invest in solar batteries, you always have a cheaper source of energy for your home.

Final Thought

With the devastation caused by global warming now apparent, more governments have invested in renewable energy and solar leads in the pack.

You can now leverage such benefits to enjoy cheaper solar energy installation. With a solar energy battery system, you can get more out of the investment and enhance the energy efficiency of your home.

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