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7 PPC Trends Which Will Impact Advertisers In 2019

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress development is getting an interface which can be easily monetized. Websites can be used to earn money by selling products or running advertisements.

Many brands prefer pay-per-click ads for promotion as they are economical, measurable, and a trackable medium. In this article, we are discussing the top PPC trends that are expected to dominate 2019.

The past year saw some major developments like the dominance of Google being challenged and the rise of artificial intelligence.

These factors are going to affect the segment and advertisers must be aware of the repercussions to frame effective strategies. Let’s see what PPC advertisers can expect this year.

1. More Emphasis on Audience Intent Rather than Keywords

Last year Google not only rebranded AdWords as Ads but it also modified its exact match keyword mechanism. The new algorithm now recognizes close variations of a keyword which have the same meaning.

The focus has now shifted from keywords to user intent and behavior and will force professionals to rework their strategies. Until now, they were using the single keyword ad groups structure in which one specific term was targeted in a single ad grouping.

Now an ad will appear even if a variant of the chosen keyword is typed by a user. However, the text may not appear in bold diminishing the chances of the ad getting clicked.

Top Brands will have to focus more on target audiences to create relevant messages.

2. Responsive Search Ads will Become Mainstream

The search engine giant started a new responsive search ads format in beta in 2018. It allowed users to create one commercial with multiple headlines and descriptions.

The Google Ads service then tests various combinations before finalizing one which will provide the best results.

The program helps users avoid the need of conducting A/B testing to identify the best approach.

Users have the benefit of displaying three headlines and two 90-character descriptions. It can be expected that the program will move out of beta this year and become mainstream.

3. Availability of More Advertising Platforms


Google’s predominance in the area is being challenged by other platforms. The trend will continue this year as other search engines like Bing intensify their efforts.

The world’s biggest social network, Facebook is another alternative for advertisers with attractive features like carousel display for visual advertisements.

However, the biggest threat to the search-engine leader’s position last year came from the e-commerce giant Amazon.

A major attraction for using Amazon for advertising is the strong buyer intent of the audience.

The coming months can see the emergence of some other alternative platforms that advertisers can use.

4. Harmonization of Universal Automation and Human Intelligence

Ad services are providing users the facility to fully automate their campaigns. Google Ads started the Smart Campaigns program which provides the benefit of universal automation to small business owners.

They can create advertisements, schedule their display, set goals, and track performance with the service. However, this does not mean that the marketing professionals job becomes redundant.

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With multiple advertising platforms offering such programs, professionals are required to identify the most suitable one for a product. One of the top PPC trends in the months to come will be more search marketers becoming adept at using automated solutions.

5. Video Content Marketing will Increase


Video content has become immensely popular making YouTube the second biggest search engine after Google.

Emails with videos have a high open rate and brands are using them on landing pages to improve their conversion rate.

Creative professionals have started using the play button as a call to action tab.

The appetite of consumers for such content will only grow in the future meaning advertisers will invest more in videos. Companies will create not only brand videos but also a demo, video explainer, and how-to videos to target potential customers.

6. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Grow

Advertising platforms have invested considerable resources to create AI-based features which help users gain valuable insights into audience behavior.

These facilities help in discovering new audiences by analyzing audience demographics, locations, devices, and interests. The technology is also being used to finetune bidding strategies.

Google Ads offers Smart Bidding which uses machine learning to optimize for conversion in auctions. These features help advertisers make accurate estimations of the impact of a bidding amount on the conversion rate. Expect all advertising services to roll out more such AI-based tools to help clients this year.

7. Voice and Visual Searches will Become More Popular


The coming months may finally see voice and visual searches take precedence over the traditional typed search.

The popularity of smart devices combined with the increased use of smart speakers has contributed to rising voice searches.

Similarly, smartphones are driving visual searches as users find it more convenient to click a picture and use it for searching rather than typing.

PPC professionals will have to create product pictures with metadata to ensure their discovery by search engines.


People should hire WordPress developers to create interfaces which can be used for displaying advertisements. However, they must know about the latest developments in the field.

These top PPC trends are expected to be dominant in the coming months and website owners, as well as marketers, must keep them in mind while fashioning their advertising strategy.

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