What is Venturi Air Valve and How It Works?

In our home, we don’t need to have a certain pressure and airflow to perform our routine activities. But, in research facilities, you need to be able to maintain the desired airflow and pressure. In short, you need to maintain the ambient conditions through different types of equipment available. This is where a device like a venturi air valve comes in. Being one of the top venturi air valve manufacturers, EB Air Control Inc. has decided to shed some light on this topic. For more details, you can contact 905-670-2277.

What is a Venturi Air Valve?

A Venturi Air Valve (VAV) is a device that you can use to control airflow and maintain pressure in a given environment. It finds its application in research facilities, food processing plants, and many other commercial places where you need to control the airflow and pressure.

It is a cylindrical device that has a central opening, through which the air flows. The whole design forms a cone-like structure that regulates airflow. The air goes through a central constriction, which makes the airspeed faster or slower, depending on the requirement.

Venturi Valve: How does it work?

As we said earlier, the device has a cone-shaped structure. According to fluid dynamics, the shape of the duct enables the flow to become faster than it already is. Furthermore, it also increases the pressure. Which can be beneficial for a number of reasons in a controlled environment.

A venturi air valve for critical environments uses a movable cone. This lets you control the airflow as well as its speed and pressure. When the duct airflow reduces, you can move the cone inwards/outwards to obtain the desired conditions.


The most commonly used type of venturi air valve is the variable type. This has a spring and cone setup that moves according to the airflow.

These natural movements enable the system to maintain a constant output for a long time. With this type of system, you don’t need to measure the airflow speed in the duct.

You have an actuator, lever arm, potentiometer, venturi body, and a cone. Using the feedback from the potentiometer, the valve moves accordingly to provide the desired output.

This configuration altogether enables you to maintain a constant pressure even when the pressure in the duct upstream fluctuates.

However, the type of air valve for critical environments varies according to the requirements. It is recommended to contact the venturi air valve manufacturers to see whether their products match your criteria.

Top Benefit of VAV?

Now that we know about the venturi air valve, how it works, and its components, let’s see how it benefits you.

  1. It saves you from extensive energy bills – For maintaining the ideal environment, you don’t need systems with many mechanical parts that consume a lot of energy. Equipping your HVAC ducts with venturi air valves significantly reduces your energy bills as well as maintenance costs.
  1. No need to renovate the entire facility – Usually, while installing an HVAC system, you need to install huge pipes that lead to stalled operations. By opting for a venturi air valve, the installation process becomes swift.
  1. It is an eco-friendly option – HVAC systems consume a lot of energy. As we said earlier, with this system, energy consumption reduces. Moreover, there are no excess fumes or oils involved that can impact the environment. The electrical systems also reduce the need for huge mechanical actuators. Thus, effectively reducing your carbon footprint.
  1. It is a reliable option – When you have a system that is working efficiently, it reduces the chances of breakdowns. This not only reduces your workload but also saves you from hefty expenses on repairs. Furthermore, you can customize the system to meet your requirements.

Where are venturi air valves used?

You can use the air valve for industrial, medical, and commercial applications. You can use it as a venturi valve for critical environments in the following sectors:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Chemical
  3. Electronics
  4. Energy
  5. Fuel production
  6. Food production
  7. Pharmaceutical
  8. Power generation
  9. Research and Development
  10. Water production


It’s always better to consult venturi air valve manufacturers such as EB Air Control Inc. to get a clear idea of how it can help your field. Undoubtedly, these can make an indispensable addition to your facility.

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