How to Make a Letterhead: Step-by-Step Guide

There are so many essential things that a business needs to have and one surrounded by them is a smart-looking letterhead. Isn’t that right? Every element, be it small or big, can create goodwill in your company. Where most business people think more about how to make a letterhead, the customer-business talks and interaction, there are owners who do think about the whole ecosystem.

From their business pitch to their advertisement, infrastructure to even the letterheads. There are multiple free company letterhead templates that are available in the online market. But not all of them can be integrated into your business right? Not all will match your working system and brand speak.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Letterhead

Then what can you do to create a good-looking template? There are different ways to tackle this problem. Either you can look for a website that has tools to allow you in customizing and creating a template of your choice.

Or you can simply take cues from the competitors and make your own letterhead. Whatsoever, you cannot and should not ignore having a good letterhead then be it using free letterhead templates.

Moreover, below is a step-by-step guide that can help you in designing a template that would resonate with your brand.

  1. Fewer complications can do the trick

Where there are a lot of complicated letterhead templates free for use, you can stick to the basics and take cues from a less complicated one.

Having a simple design of your template will not only escalate the readability of the entire page. But it will inject a sense of comfort and clutter-free pages.

This will be a better choice and can give you an edge over the others. All you need to do is choose a good color and place your emblem at the right spot and of the right size.

Doing so will also allow the reader to consume more data written on the paper with just a glance. And this quantum of improved readability can turn out to be a good thing for your brand.

  1. Give it a good border

If you wish to be a bit creative, try to get an interesting and sharp border for your letterhead. If you think creating something like this can be a challenge for you, then search for a company letterhead template on Google and you will get a list of such things in front of you.

In the past few years, printing technology has had a huge impact and has made a lot of progress too. Therefore, you can let your designer explore every technology and use their sense of “state-of-art” to create a catchy and eye-arresting border for your company template.

To make it better without losing on the professionalism sense, you can simply induce a few creative elements in your paper. But before making it too flashy, just remember that it should not overwhelm the content you write on it. Because that’s what is more important for you, isn’t it?

  1. Do include the watermarks in your letterhead

Your letterhead is probably one of the most important official papers that will be determining a lot of things. If you launch a new service, pitch for something, try to advertise, and include a new product in your lineup- releasing a white paper or putting it on your letterhead to circulate throughout your business chain is what’s done.

In this case, you should always be sure of adding a watermark on your letterhead which protects your content from being duplicated.

Also, it is seen in many places multiple times that these watermarks act as a fundamental element of your letterhead.

So do not ignore having. Additionally, it increases the value and aesthetics of your paper. Didn’t understand how to do this, look for a company letterhead on Google and you will get what we are talking about.

  1. Choose your style for uniqueness

Every letterhead that you get on the internet, there is a unique thing about each one of them. This uniqueness of company letterhead templates makes it the reason that people are able to recognize a brand.

Therefore, if you want to create a similar persona for your business, it is important that you also create uniqueness on your letterhead. It can be the combinations of colors and fonts of your letterhead.

Maybe the placing of the business logo or just the way you have designed it. Anything you want can become a unique style of your business.

You can prefer to choose minimalism on your letterhead, or go for an elegant design- anything among these can work out for you.

But let your designer make this decision or at least get some options from them. Creativity is the key to getting a good result and you have to.

  1. Make the logo and color apt for your business

While getting your letterhead designed, one important thing that you should not forget is to keep the color of your logo design, content, and fonts in sync with your business.

Maybe, you will have the best letterhead if you choose colors that would determine your business just by having a glance at it.

All of these elements should be in sync so that a complete picture gets reflected from your letterhead. If you can, get your digital signatures on the letterhead too. This will increase the value and look of the paper. Isn’t it?

  1. Do not skip testing the letterhead

There might be a lot of options on the internet when you search for free letterhead templates but it is very important for you to have them tested.

Once you have created all the important elements and placed them on the document, it is time to check whether it works as you wanted it to.

Testing of the letterhead is an integral and important part of designing this document. To check whether your document is created well enough, start placing all the elements on it.

Start by putting your logo at the place allotted. Then the initials, address, and then the rest of the content. If there is any image, put that too.

Once you have integrated all the elements in the document, it will then become clear how your letterhead will look when it is complete.

  1. Keep in mind your topology and target audience

A business grows when the business doers understand their topology as well as the target audience. Now, with the help of technology, the first thing can go for a swing but your target audience is something to keep in mind.

As per your business, you should create a letterhead that looks appealing to your target audience. It is not only eye -catching but engaging too.

If you want to create lingos, specific typos, or fonts- these two things should also be considered. Do resonate the same with your brand.

If you are not aware of the best fonts to be used, just take cues from a company letterhead that is available online. Yet again, there are many options available on the internet. Check which goes well with your letterhead’s setup.

  1. Positioning is very important

Yes, you heard that right! While you are getting your letterhead created, do ensure that all the vital components are placed in the right place.

Positioning all the elements at the right spot is crucial and important. It should not look cluttered or too far apart. Both these things can take away the charm of the document.

So, right in the beginning get all these things placed at an appropriate distance and in the right manner. Do keep this in mind especially for stationary objects because once you have placed them, you will have to not move them.

Although that can be done in the initial phase, fixing this problem right from the beginning will be a win-win, right?

  1. Use technology to improve the document

You do not design your letterhead now and then, right? So, when you do that, make it bulletproof. Creativity in today’s world has no boundaries and the design can be maneuvered as per your wish.

While making your letterhead, you can use special effects to create a beautiful document that would need no changing for a long time.

There are multiple websites that have tools to make your company letterhead better, more efficient, and amazing. So, when you start doing this project, do not leave any stone upturned.


This was a step-by-step guide how to make a letterhead for your business. This is a digital letterhead that we have talked about.

It not only helps in creating a great brand sensibility but a lot more things than that. While you get your designer ready for doing this, be sure to tell them all the important things that you have read in this blog.

Just referring or glancing through the free letterhead templates will not be enough so do let them know about things.

The key points that we have mentioned in the above blog can be altered at your convenience. You can check out some graphic design websites like Designhill for ideas and inspiration.

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