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Introduction to Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Why build a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA), ever since their launch a few years back has become a concept that has from time and again has been posing itself as the alternative to Native Mobile Apps and Web Apps.

The term and technology coined by Google come packaged with a series of features that makes it a beneficial investment for not just businesses – startups and established companies alike, but also to the massive cross-platform app developer community.

What Makes PWA the Best Form of Cross-Platform App development?

Before we look at those many benefits that make PWA an absolute favorite of the developers and businesses alike, let us quickly refresh our memories on what PWAs actually are.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

In the absolute layman terms, Progressive Web Apps is a kind of mobile application, which is delivered through the internet. So basically what a PWA Development company does is that it develops a technology which allows you to offer app-like experience via the browser. For the end users, the navigation and use of PWA feel exactly like that of a native mobile app – only without any of the downsides that native apps are notoriously famous for.

With the definition now attended to, let us look at what benefits the technology comes with.

6 Advantages of Investing in PWA Development Framework

1. PWAs are not restricted to any Stores

Unlike Native and Cross Platform apps that are present on either or both Google Android Play Store and Apple App Store, PWAs, because they are web apps are not launched on either of the stores. This saves businesses from a number of issues that comes attached to launching apps on the stores, like app approval timeline and restrictions, a percentage that Play Store and App Store cut from revenue that you generate on your application.

2. The Apps Across All Devices

Since the application works on the web and web is present on all devices – no matter what parent company or software level is running on it, PWA framework gives you the facility to take your brand across all devices across the whole world.

3. They Do Not Take up any Space

Because the progressive web apps are the most miniature version of the application, there is minimal space that users have to let go of in their devices.

The fact that users get to experience your offering at a much letter storage space as compared to any traditional application, makes them more willing to install your application as a replacement of several others.

4. PWAs are Very Speedy

Service Workers, the functionality doing the legwork for PWAs come loaded with the benefit of making your app operative with not just at a very fast loading speed but also in times of internet lags and bad network conditions.

Along with giving you the benefit to work in low internet connection at high speed, PWAs with their pre-caching functionality makes it possible for you to deliver the most updated content to the users every time they open your application.

5. Easier to Share them with Others

In the mobility domain, there are only a few things that are ridiculously easy to do and sharing your PWA with others is one of them.

When it comes to sharing your application with the world, all you have to do is share the URL. And in return, all that your users have to do is install the application from the URL itself without having to go through the multi-step store’s application installation processes.

6. Cost Effective

One of the most lucrative benefits that come attached with PWA development is the fact that they are very cost effective for a business. Since they are web apps, the resources that specialize in their development is a lot more easily available that their Android and iOS counterpart.

In addition to the easy availability of resources, the time that it takes to develop a PWA app is also very less, thus saving on some more on the resource allocation hours.

All these benefits together have made progressive web app development services an important part of several businesses’ mobility plans. Businesses that are not restricted to any one specific industry but is divided into a wide range.

Have you or are you planning to add PWAs in your mobility strategy? Let us know what drove you in the comment section below.

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