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Assistance of Traditional Marketing in Digital Marketing

Today several companies are optioning digital marketing to advertise their brand, products, and services these days.

Though digital marketing has its own advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and reach, the importance of traditional marketing cannot be undermined either.

While digital marketing is currently “in” and fast becoming the preferred mode of advertising, traditional advertising still attracts a large number audience and it’s not going to disappear that soon.

Both, regular marketing and digital marketing, are here to coexist for some time to come.

Traditional marketing generally refers to advertising through print media, TV commercials, radio spots, billboards, direct mailing, etc.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is the marketing of products, brand, and business services through digital media, mainly the internet.

Standard marketing tactics revolve around the  ‘4Ps’ of marketing, that is a product, price, promotion and place, the digital marketing techniques go further to include the 5th P, the people.

Basically, it means giving a personalized message through social media and other online channels.

How traditional marketing can assist in digital marketing?

Though digital marketing is fast gaining acceptance among marketers, it may not be for everyone.

There is still a large number of audience who responds to and even prefers traditional marketing tactics.

Therefore It seems prudent to employ a proper mix of both traditional marketing and digital marketing to achieve the desired result.

Having them work together impacts positively on your marketing efforts.

Using the print ad to complement digital marketing

Including website address, social media accounts and any other online address on a billboard or other print ads is fast gaining in popularity.

This strategy is quite effective, as people who watch these can always go back and search for these addresses next time when they go online.

However, search engine optimization services experts advise ensuring that the (NAP) name, address, phone number, and other details are uniform across all medium.

  • Mailers – A mailer can be used to lead customers to search for you online. When these potential customers visit your website, they can be prompted to an e-mailing sign-up list for more information, or have them speak to the customer service representative and then have further followed up.
  • Leaflets – Salespeople can use single page leaflets, as an offline means, to share relevant information about the company and its products and services with potential customers where immediate online means for presentation are not available.

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  • Brochures – Brochures and pamphlets, which offer even greater opportunity to showcase products and services and provide in-depth information about them in an easy-to-read format, can be used to eventually lead potential customers to search for them on digital channels.
  • Hire a professional search engine optimization company which will make sure that the content of the brochure is similar to that posted on the website. This will make it easy for visitors to find their brand on the internet.
  • Branded Merchandise – Selling or handing out branded merchandise creates a permanent advertisement and the serious potential clients and customers will come back through various online channels.
  • Business Cards – Business cards that carry professional information can help direct customers and clients to your online resources, especially during a wide-reaching convention or trade show where customers prefer direct interaction with company representatives rather than social media or through websites while seeking information on any product or service.
    Using a TV commercial to lead consumers to the brand’s digital channels.

Watching television commercial or flipping past a magazine Ads is generally a passive exercise. Marketers can woo these potential customers, who have been previously exposed to the brand’s advertisements on television and magazines, to the brand’s digital channels for more active engagement by employing specific calls to action for the consumer.

Once that consumer engages online, marketers can provide additional details about the product in the ad, invite them to opt-in for future communication, or offer a digital coupon etc., to keep the interest of the customers alive.

Wrapping up

Conventional and digital marketing may seem poles apart from each other, it wouldn’t be right to employ these strategies in isolation.

Effective marketing campaigns are those which incorporate both traditional and digital marketing tactics in a cohesive manner to achieve the desired result.

The most important thing to remember while designing a marketing campaign is to understand your audience, and then deliver the relevant information through proper channels, whether it’s through traditional methods or through emails or messages on the social media.

Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing are here to stay and complement each other for some time to come.

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