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Ways to Prevent Digital Dementia in Kids!

Smartphone addiction and kid’s health have been a big concern for decades. Countries like South Korea are dealing with digital gadget dependence and searching for ways to stop the intervention in routine life.

So, the question is, can we secure kids with Best parental control software for android? Let’s read to find out.

Digital Dementia- How can I secure My kid?

Remember, by hearting names of all animals after every zoo visit? Ever thought why our parents wanted us to by heart the names?

Why were items in the museums so important as a child?

Why did parents give special attention to what we recall from the museum?

Recollecting and memorizing was a key goal back then and still exists, only now the opportunities are less.

Our brain needs to be utilized right from the time we are born. If our muscles are left idol, imagine what would happen?

Same way the brain functions, it needs continuous churning to stay active and sharp.

Exercising the left and right side of the brain is vital.

Our dependence on smartphones have skyrocketed to such a level that memorizing a couple of phone numbers (earlier, it was natural and necessary) feels like a task!

What is Digital Dementia?

Digital Dementia is a state of the brain which starts corroding due to excessive indulgence in computer gadgets, smartphones, tablets, and online world. We lose the capability to memorize simple to complex numbers, addresses, names, etc.

Use of gadgets and devices has caused a reduction in the overall capacity of the active brain and shortened our attention span.

The underdevelopment of the brain has resulted in an imbalance in the left and right side of the brain.

The term “Digital Dementia” was initially used in South Korea, whose population is desperately dependent on digital gadgets. The situation is alarming in the country as doctors are reporting more and more cognitive disorders within the youth population.

Digital Dementia in South Korea

The surge of smartphone use in South Korea was shocking news for the citizens. Not only cognitive incapability but head injuries and poor relationship conditions was a rising concern.

Experts and reporters claim the internet to be the primary culprit, which is an easily accessible and fastest network of South Korea, causing “Digital Dementia.”

A rise in smartphone addiction has caused several alarming problems in the country:

  • Poor Memory
  • Flattening social connections
  • Attention disorders
  • Heavy reliance on technology
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Inducing brain damage

Simple ways to prevent digital dementia in little ones

After a lot of crying and yelling, parents have taken the remote control in their hand to save their young ones from the monstrous digital world. Parents are being encouraged to strike a balance between digital exposure and traditionally followed activities like reading and sports.

  1. Exercise Exercise Exercise!

There is no replacement for exercise. Whether you engage in sports, yoga, cycling, swimming, martial arts or dancing, each one of them has a significant place in body fitness.

And let us not forget the impact of exercising on the brain. There are uncountable benefits of physical activities on brain training and fitness.

–    Regular exercising increases the heart rate and thus pumping more oxygen to the brain

–    Helps in the secretion of hormones for brain cell development

–    The growth of new neuronal connections

  1. Good Nutrition

It is a good idea to keep your mind in the peak working state. Good food boosts the growth of your brain just like exercising.

Your body needs healthy nutrition to feel energetic, and so does your brain. So, feed it right information along with food.

Nutritionists encourage people to indulge in fatty fish, Blueberries, Turmeric, Pumpkin seeds, Dark Chocolate, Broccoli, eggs, and many more food items to nurture your brain.

  1. Use the brain not phone

Do you remember mental math? How we mentally calculated at the ice-cream shop?

Kids nowadays have a smartphone for every purpose; calculation, navigation, searching, reading, drawing and what not! Everything is accessible at the clicking of a button.

If kids start getting every answer so quickly, how will the brain develop? Kids should be encouraged to use their minds for problem-solving instead of smartphones.

Trust yourself, not technology!

  1. Restrict screen time

There is a number of parental control software available in the market to control your kid’s smartphone usage.

Monitor which apps your kids use; what time of the day they go online and how many hours do they spare on gadgets. Based on your observation and calculation, make a suitable plan to control your kid’s screen time.

  1. Real life friends

Your kids get friendly on social media platforms; there are more “BAE’s & BFFs” on social media than true friends who stay forever.

Don’t blame your kids for that, encouraging kids to meet and socialize with real friends is something parents are responsible. Admitting the volume of time parents can spare for kids, it is nearly impossible to have real social relationships, leaving virtual grounds as the best solution.

  1. Engage in hobbies

Kids see cell phones as an easy to use the device, a source of entertainment and a device to kill time. Introducing kids to interesting hobbies is imperative.

As parents, experiment with your kids and understand their interests. Observe which activities excite them and showcase their aptitude.

Enlist your observation and enroll your kids for hobby classes. Hobbies are as important as academics for developing your brain.

Parental Control app – a magic wand to secure kids

Parental control apps can not cure digital dementia, but it can definitely be controlled up to a level. If digital exposure  reduces, the following benefits are observed in kids:

  1. Enhanced memory and cognitive development
  2. Ensures more concentration and attention
  3. Induces a feeling of happiness
  4. Increased engagement with social beings (face to face)

Results have shown parental control apps are useful and beneficial for kid’s growth. Apps like Bit Guardian Parental control app have well-crafted “Time Schedule” functionality to deal with screen time control and at the same time fight cyberattack.

Save your kids from digital dementia at the right time and right way, secure kids with parental control software to gift them a happy and healthy future!

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