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TheOneSpy Navigator App for Android Phone

How to Setup and Use TheOneSpy Navigator App for Android Phone

TheOneSpy is a cell phone tracker app that is intended for parents and employers to keep track of android devices of children and workers. It is a powerful spy application that enables the user to operate a mobile phone without taking into possession. For instance, if you monitor your kid’s phone with TOS app, you can supervise its use and access data without having it. The software lets you control your kid’s android device via web portal or another mobile app. Get your phone installed with navigator app and take control of your kid’s phone. Read on to know how you can setup TOS navigator app on your phone and use it to track another android device.

Navigator App of TheOneSpy

Do you want to supervise the smartphone use of your family and working personnel? There is a mobile app that lets you secretly watch out the smart devices of your concerned ones. Get the targeted phone installed with the monitoring solution of TheOneSpy and keep track of every single activity performed on the device. Once you install the software on your target’s gadget, you need to get your personal device installed with Navigator app of TOS to operate the monitored device without access.

Most of the monitoring apps allow users to sneak into the targeted device through the web portal. It takes time to log into the web portal and you may fail to capture real-time mobile phone events. The navigator app of the spy software eliminates need to repeatedly log into the web portal to check out the targeted phone. You can run the app on your phone to watch out your target’s phone activities anytime without signing into the online portal of spyware.

How to Setup and Use TOS Navigator App

Once you install the spy software on the targeted phone, you need to install the navigator app of TOS on your device to operate the monitored device through your personal phone. You can download TOS navigator app from Google App Store. Install it on your phone following the simple installation process of android mobile apps. After successful app installation, the app icon will appear on your home screen. Run the app and operate the targeted device right away. The app lets you access data stored on the targeted phone. It also allows sending command to the target phone. Read on to know more about the use of this application.

Monitor Messages

Do you want to read messages of your concerned ones without letting them know? TOS app provides all incoming and outgoing messages of your kids right on your phone. You can read SMS, MMS and instant messages. Also, you can access contact numbers of message senders and receivers.

Track Calls

The phone calls received and made by the targeted android phone get automatically recorded by spyware software. You can get the recorded calls right on your phone without any delay. Also, you can access call logs containing detail of incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Record Screen

The phone screen of the targeted phone can be captured to witness and record the real-time activities. You can send command through TOS navigator app to the targeted android handheld to start screen recording. You can also take screenshots by sending remote command to monitored device.

Remote Control MIC

The monitoring solution for android lets you take over the microphone of the android device used by someone else. You can listen to talks of your loved ones by secretly turning on microphone of their smartphones via navigator app.

Remote Control Camera

Do you know you can operate the camera of the monitored android device without taking it into possession? TOS app lets you send command to the target handset to turn on front and back cameras and start taking photos or making videos of the surroundings.

Block/ Uninstall Apps

If you are concerned about your kids using age-inappropriate apps you can take support of spy app to manage apps installed on their phone. TOS app lets you block, unblock or uninstall apps without accessing the target device.

There are many other ways of using the navigator app of TheOneSpy

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