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How to grow your brand on Instagram

If you have a business, it must find its way on Instagram, and there is no doubt about it for sure. With over a billion monthly users, your business will grow to another long level once you have a business space dedicated to Instagram. Instagram is one such social network, which will offer that great marketing platform for reaching out to some potential customers in every corner of the world. If you are actually trying to improve the current IG marketing, it is mandatory for you to increase following on consistent and steady basis.

Start Growing Your Brand On Instagram Using Mere Simple Steps

More people who might get the chance to come in direct contact with your brand and will start following you on IG, the audience is going to be a larger one. So, every time you are posting one content, you can easily end up with a higher viewing scale. There are some proven ways in which you can implement the present marketing tips well and that can help in growing your brand for free. You will come to know more about that from Blastup now.

Be sure to take advantage of free Instagram tools:

Instagram has just started to roll out the present business profiles, which will be heavily mirroring the business profiles of FB. It is mainly completed with the contact CTA, which will allow the users to call, email or even text businesses.

  • Along with some of the contact option, business profiles will help you to get access to analytics in here or as they are called Insights. It will provide users with access to engagement data and impression.
  • In case, you are making plans to use IG account for business, you might have to consider converting personal profile right into a business one. Then you can take advantage of such options.
  • The more you are able to understand how the users are likely to interact with your content, the better. You can then easily make some of the best adjustments, which will improve the engagement to yet another level.

Cross-promote the current Instagram posts:

Are you making plans to add new IG followers that are already in love with your brand? Make sure to post across all over other social media profiles like Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and more. You can easily invite them to follow the IG profile. They are mainly following you on social media. So, they know what you are interested in offering them. So, try to give them yet another way to connect to the brand socially.

  • It is not a clever deal to assume that the posts are subject to reach anyone who will stay connected to brand on social media.
  • Some people might move away from some social media platforms and some are not even active on some other networks.
  • It is mandatory for you to be connected to as many of the social profiles as you can for increasing the reach on every possible post in here.

Do not try to overwhelm your audiences:

You have this tendency to post at regular interval as you want your business to be relevant and right at the top of the list, but there should be a restriction to that as well. There is no need to post rather frequently, which will actually overwhelm the followers and they will end up un-following your account. They will feel like you are constantly on their faces and that will distract them even further.

  • It is really hard to come across a magic posting formula for the businesses and brands. It is mandatory for you to test and see how the audiences are likely to respond.
  • As a major starting point, it is suggested that posting twice daily and alternating the times of the day is a good idea. It will help you to understand when the highest engagement might occur.
  • After you are done with the basic finding, it is time to do your bit of experiment and pay attention to engagement.
  • Once you have come across the sweet spot, the work will not stop over there. As the following number starts to increase, you need to work on adjustments. The idea behind post frequency optimization is one task, which will never stop.

Time to interact with followers to spark growth:

If anyone actually takes some time to leave comments on any one of your posts, make sure to take at least two seconds to respond and then thank them. This simple form of engagement will help in creating that loyal customer and will work as a raving promoter of the said brand.

  • Moreover, you might have to incorporate ways of getting followers to interact well with the posts.
  • A simple message like “tag your friends who might love this” can always help in putting your brand in front of one larger audience and attract some new followers too.
  • As they are mainly being introduced to your IG account through a friend, there is going to be less resistance and result in most of the tagged users following profile.

Create a hashtag # which is interactive as well:

Creating one major interactive #hashtag is always a perfect way to create instant engagement. Just remember that you are actually using hashtags in the proper manner. For that, there is a simple strategy for you to follow and followed by some famous brands too.

  • For some of the larger brands and corporations, you can create a hash tag that customers might use for tagging photos of them along with the items they purchased from those sources.
  • It will cause more people to start using the hash tag and post their images of using your products as their pictures will get featured on-page.  Every time someone posts by using your hash tags, they are exposing their followers to your product and company as well! So, it is a win-win situation for all.

Make sure to follow all the major points and things will gladly start to work in your favor. The more you research, the best brands you can create on Instagram.

Why Should I Use Instagram for Social Media Marketing?

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