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Guide to Create an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

Why Develop on-Demand Delivery App for your Grocery?

Online marketplaces connect consumers with businesses, customers with service providers, and employees with companies, and its credit goes to the rise of digital technology. Now people don’t need to go to the market to buy clothes, food, electronic gadgets, or any other required stuff, as they can easily make an order online for the things they need to buy with the help of on-demand business apps.

In this tech world, even you don’t need to go to the market to buy groceries, as it is also available online. On the other hand, there is a tough competition among the businesses too, as they need to assist the customers with maximum convenience in the shortest time possible.

If we talk about the on-demand grocery delivery app, it can be a handsome idea, what do you say? A platform where people can meet their grocery needs with ease and comfort. If you’re interested in creating an on-demand grocery delivery app, stay connected with us. In this article, we are going to provide you some of the tips that can help you while developing your customized on-demand grocery delivery app.

Growth and Future of On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps:

Before we start, let us talk about some of the stats, we can say that the growth of on-demand grocery delivery app is much more extended in the future.

In 2015, the total sale of the grocery delivery business is around $10.1 billion and this figure jumps to $17.5 billion in the year 2018. This huge change in the sales figures indicates that the future of on-demand grocery delivery is not only bright but also safe and successful.

According to experts, the predicted sale of the grocery delivery business apps will be around $27 billion by the end of the year 2021.

Points to Remember While Entering into On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business:

Under this segment, we will talk about the precautions that you need to keep in your mind while stepping into the on-demand grocery delivery business.

Unquestionably, smartphone applications are the building block of the on-demand service business, but there are several other factors that you need to manage while engaging in the on-demand grocery business. Following are some of them:

First of all, you need to negotiate and fix a deal with the grocery stores in your area so that you can offer affordable prices to your customers.

Discount Sale

Secondly, you need to convince them to provide a rebate or discount on the total bill of the customers. It not only helps in catching the attention of the people but also make them your permanent customers.

The next thing that you have to do is to find a delivery service that can take full responsibility for the safe and timely delivery. Moreover, you need to fix a rate with the delivery service.

Key Features to Incorporate into Your On-Demand Grocery Delivery App:

Developing an ideal on-demand grocery delivery app requires time, effort, resources, money, and of course a team of experienced developers. Also, you need proper planning, strategies, and features to develop an app that you dream about. Following are some of the key features that you should consider incorporating into your on-demand grocery delivery application:

Social Authentication Options:

First of all, it will be good if you allow your customers to register their account by making use of their contact number, email, and social media accounts. It makes the app registration process hassle-free and easy for the users.

Advanced Search:

Secondly, you need to keep your app simple and easy to operate so that people of all age groups can use your app without any difficulty. For instance, you can provide all the vital information at the home page along with an advanced search option so that customers can easily find the items they are looking for.

Real-Time Notifications:

It will be excellent if you include the feature of real-time notifications. It keeps the customers updated about the latest offers, deals, and discounts. Moreover, it keeps you connected with your customers or app users.

Monitoring and Live Tracking:

Monitoring and Live Tracking is one of the most important features when it comes to on-demand delivery apps. The very first thing that comes in the mind of the customers while ordering from an on-demand app is the delivery time. If you allow your customers to track their order, it helps in giving a rough idea about the delivery time.


Undoubtedly, on-demand apps have become an important thing for businesses nowadays. But, it is very much important to create such app that can meet the expectations of the customers because then only customers are going to use your app. If you are interested in creating an on-demand grocery delivery app, feel free to approach us at Suffescom Solutions.

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