The Best Apps for Whiteboard Animation to Consider This Year

Whiteboard Animation Apps

The best means of creating the engaging visuals online is by involving the whiteboard animation videos, and to develop fantastic whiteboard animations particularly when you are more an android or IOS user you will probably be searching for a whiteboard animation app.

So as you start searching for the application in your app store or on the internet, here we have got you covered with the best of them for this year.

Explain everything

The app is among the best compatible with both iPhone and Android and is well accepted throughout the market.

As you launch the application, you will take note of 4 different options that are joined share view and new.

You can also cooperate with the app with other users and can break through even the single piece of the whiteboard.

The user interface of the application might not appear new as compared to other forms.

However, it brings many different features and tools. The app facilitates users to import images as well as the documents.

Moreover, it facilitates users to incorporate and make a seamless connection google drive, apple pencil, and iPad Pro. The best feature is real-time collaboration.

Flip a clip cartoon animation

The application has been regarded among the best whiteboard app of 2019 because of its facility to allow a user to create natural and high-end animations.

The app has the feature of audio recording, audio import, and sound library.

Not only this it provides the functionality of onion layer and drawing layer animation timelines, frame manager, drawing tools and text tools.

Moreover, you can create animation videos and share them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr

Edu creations iPhone

It’s one of the leading apps and is one of its kind and interactive whiteboard tool that is simple and highly potent.

The app is created for digital classrooms, and the lessons delivered are synced automatically among the students and the lecturer.

You can share your created videos through emails, social media, and many other options

Video Scribe Anywhere iPhone

So are you looking for ways to create quick and easy animations?

Give a try to this application and what you need is only to add images and texts to the canvas and the app will automatically turn them into powerfully animated videos of high quality.

Not only has this, but it also had more features to facilitate animators.

Whiteboard Android

The app is user-friendly and is specifically designed for the ones searching for an app that is free of ads for their Android device.

When you launch the application, you will notice a plain white canvas occupying more than 80% of the screen.

On the top of the homepage, there are opportunities to choose from colors, pens, and effects, and it also facilitates you to alter the background colors, type texts, and a lot more.

  • The app carries the feature of one-click undo if you have made some errors.
  • The application also allows you to import photos from the gallery.
  • The app might contain ads, but offline mode can help get rid of it.
  • The apps have the features of autosave, and what’s more that you can change the background colors.

Hence the help of the app do a simple drawing and jot ideas.

Live Board Interactive Whiteboard

The app is excellent for iPhone and Android and contains many innovative features. Allowing you real-time and high-end collaboration with other users.

As soon as you start the application, you will come to samples of whiteboard animation videos from which you can create your own only by tapping the green button at the very end of the screen.

The app automatically transforms to landscape mode, and the whiteboard layout appears similar to the whiteboard app.

The major part of the screen is a white canvas with many drawing options displayed on the left.

The app has features of layer support and allows real-time and tools in-app chat and broadcast.

Zite board android

The Android-based application is shareable, real-time and functions well with the smartphone and tabs the app allows users to publish their design boards on the web so the random people can view it without the joining the community.

You can also save boards on the internet and can access google chrome extension the app uses the vector graphics technology and can be easily synced with the screen mirror view.

Whiteboard Animation Video

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