Why Use Attendance Management System?

Does my company need an attendance management system? Today Several companies are looking out for a comprehensive and robust attendance management system that is not just easy to use but also packed with various functionalities.

Supporting this initiative of the companies to get out of the leash of a conventional system not just to make the company using modern approaches but also to create awareness of accuracy and eliminating trouble casing loopholes here is a checklist of features that an ideal system must contain.

This checklist is designed keeping in mind the generalized requirement of all the companies and also the need for implementing technologies that streamline the processes and meet all the standards of various organizations ranging from startups to MNCs.

Managers have to keep track of the attendance data in registers, and spreadsheets also have to calculate the totals of the hours worked by the employees manually.

The managers cannot get the summary of the data, which makes the tracking easy. Attendance regularization simplifies the scenario for the manager as they can get the eye on data from any month of the employee’s attendance.

Not just the managers but also employees can get the data of their attendance period wise as per their choice. It provides varied and vast data like a punch in time, punch-out time, hours worked, application status, leave reason, and more to get a piece of detailed information about the attendance.

  • Biometric Devices

Attendance capturing is the foremost thing in the attendance management process and also the important one as it derives the attendance data of the employee as they punch in or out.

It is also a base of all the troubles caused by inaccuracy in the data as well as time theft and buddy punching.

Biometric devices leverage artificial intelligence to get accurate attendance by eliminating all the loopholes in the conventional attendance capturing.

It facilitates your company with fingerprint or face recognition and also integration that enables the system to automatically fetch the data of the biometric device in the system.

  • Mobile Application

Employee self-service portal is to provide the employees with all the concerned data also authorization based on the designation tier as per the policy of the company.

The employee can keep an eye on their routine data as well as can apply for leave or attendance application directly from the ESS, vendors also provide the mobile application to the employee that enables them to complete the routine formalities form their phone regardless of time and place.

They can also get an acknowledgment of the policies from the mobile application itself. The employer or manager can share the personal documents with all the employees or anyone in particular through the app.

Application is also provided with a chatbot that can answer employee queries related to processes and procedures. The employees can even punch their attendance from mobile devices providing the manager with the data of the employee attendance along with the accurate on-field location.

  • Flexible Rostering and Scheduling

The manager has to make immediate changes in the schedules or even the shift to achieve urgent goals. The conventional system causes frustration as it does not give the feasibility to make immediate changes and also inform all the concerned employees of the change to avoid absenteeism.

The attendance management system notifies the employees by SMS and mail as well to keep them well informed about the change. The ESS also provides the data of the shift and schedules which they can view at any time to ensure the schedule and shift of the next day.

  • Integration with Payroll

As we have seen the attendance capturing is optimized and infused with accuracy, which resolves much chaos when calculating the salary still the manual linking of the data induces human errors.

What if the data from all the concerned modules are fetched automatically in the payroll module? Well, the attendance management system has got what is needed – payroll integration.

Not just the salary calculation is refined, but also the money that goes into the fines and penalties are eliminated as the compliance of the software is ensured by the vendor as they keep the central compliance data updated the change gets reflected in each software provided by them.

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