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The Amazing Health Benefits of Bean Bag Chairs

Everyone loves a good bean bag chair. They’re comfortable, supportive, practical, and even fun. They often bring back sweet memories of childhood, especially if you grew up in the 1970s and 1980s. But bean bag chairs have definitely changed since then, and the best bean bag chairs also offer a variety of health benefits in addition to their other perks. Here are some ways in which bean bag chairs are helpful for your body.

They Support All Postures

If you choose a bean bag chair that is filled with polystyrene microbeads, the chair will automatically conform to your body no matter what position you’re in while on the chair.

Every part of your body will be properly supported so you won’t add stress to your spine, hips, or neck. This will also prevent muscle strains from trying to hold up a body part that isn’t adequately supported.

You can sit or lie on one of these bean bag chairs and never have to worry about your posture causing you pain.

They Soothe Back Pain

Already have back pain? No worries there, either. A zero-gravity bean bag chair can take the pressure off your back and alleviate pain.

If you spend eight hours in an office chair while working, sitting in a fully-supportive bean bag chair after you get home will allow your back to completely relax. The chair will take over supporting your body and give your back time to heal.

In fact, you can eliminate back pain from sitting altogether by choosing a modern bean bag chairs to work from instead of a traditional office chair.

Yogibo bean bag chairs
luxury bean bag chairs for adults

Not all bean bag chair products will be firm enough to pull up to a desk, but almost all of them will keep your back supported while you work on a laptop or read through documents. The more often you can sit in a body-conforming bean bag chair during the day, the less back pain you’ll encounter.

They Make Tension Headaches a Thing of the Past

Sitting on non supported chair puts additional strain on your neck and shoulders, particularly if you stay in one position for hours on end. This strain usually leads to tension headaches, which can make you feel terrible.

Sometimes, they may even prevent you from working. However, sitting in a properly supportive bean bag chair eliminates the pressure on your neck and shoulders, effectively eliminating tension headaches as well.

They Calm Anxiety

Sometimes, anxiety can be overwhelming, but if you have a safe, comfortable place to go when you’re feeling anxious, you can calm yourself and prepare to return to the world when you’re ready.

A bean bag chair that conforms to your body is like a gentle hug that puts slight, consistent pressure on all sides of you.

It works sort of like a weighted blanket in that you get a sense of safety and comfort as you work through your anxiety. It’s an effective way to calm down following a stressful situation.


Investing in a high-end, fully-supportive bean bag chair is making an investment in your health. Even if you’re not currently experiencing back pain or don’t need a comforting safe space when you feel overwhelmed with the world, a bean bag chair is still a great tool for preventing future pain and quelling anxiety. It’s also just a fantastically comfortable place to sit as well.

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