Millennials use Botox to look younger, longer

Do Millennials Need Botox?

The trend that started a few years ago doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all: more and more millennials are calling and clicking to make appointments for their first Botox appointment. Unlike the earlier generations who came to Botox as a late-in-life chance to look ten years younger, these newest converts are incorporating smaller doses on a more regular basis as part of their regular skincare regime.

Millennials continue to embrace Botox

And why wouldn’t they? Botox is effective, safe, and for the most part, painless – so why wouldn’t this “influencer” generation do whatever they can to reduce or eliminate those dreaded lines around the mouth, eyes, and between the brows?

Even though everyone has finally realized that the majority of online images are filter-enhanced, that doesn’t mean people don’t want to look their best.

These are the images they’ve grown up with, and many millennials believe starting in their 20s and 30s will help them keep their youthful appearance decades longer than would happen without it.

The current culture is one of non-shaming – whatever you can afford and makes you feel good about yourself is a good thing.

botox treatments
Close up of hands of cosmetologist making botox injection in female lips. She is holding a syringe. The young beautiful woman is receiving procedure with enjoyment

This philosophy has helped remove the stigma that was attached to Botox and other fillers and injections years ago.

The process is quick too, another benefit for someone with a busy career and personal life. With Botox, there’s no anesthesia, and you can be in and out of the office during a lunch period.

Non-aesthetic use increases

Botox is also being used for more and more non-aesthetic purposes, and that can only increase its popularity in the future.

Doctors have found it to be effective in treating migraines, excessive sweating, neck spasms, and more. With their early adoption for aesthetic reasons, it makes sense that millennials will be more educated and open to the treatment down the line if they suffer from any of these maladies.

Millennials who try to eat right and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle have now found a way to take it one step further and use Botox to combat the ageing process in a non-invasive and affordable manner. This trend is likely here to stay.

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