How to successfully sue a hospital or group of doctors

If you need to sue a hospital for malpractice, you might be unsure where to begin. Unfortunately, hospitals are likely to have a lot of resources to defend themselves in court, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t win. Here are some tips that are recommended by the Law Offices of Gary L. Rotkop:

1. Make sure you document everything

It’s essential to obtain as much documentation as possible for your case. This will help to ensure that you have physical evidence to prove your case in the courtroom, which will dramatically increase your chances of success. Luckily, a skilled healthcare attorney will ensure that you properly gather evidence and document everything.

2. Determine what other physicians would have done

In order to determine that a doctor or hospital was negligent, you need to prove that they broke protocol. Therefore, it’s important to know what other doctors would have done in a similar situation.

If they feel that the course of treatment that you received was incorrect, you’re likely to have a strong case against the hospital or group of physicians.


3. Know whether you have a case

In order to determine whether or not to sue a hospital, it’s important to know if you have a solid case or not. If you have a strong case, it’s almost always advisable to pursue compensation.

However, if a healthcare lawyer feels that you do not have a strong case, it’s typically best to avoid beginning the process.

4. Consider the extent of the damage that you suffered

If a medical error resulted in a minor inconvenience or problem, it probably isn’t worth it to file a lawsuit. It’s important to ensure that the compensation you could receive is more than the cost of filing the lawsuit.

Fortunately, a skilled attorney will be able to tell you whether or not your case is likely to be cost-effective, which will ensure that you only file a lawsuit if it is a wise financial decision to sue a hospital.

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