Intel Internal Solid State Drive 2.5″ SSDSC2BB800G601

Intel SSDSC2BB800G601 – Features and benefits!!

You want a product but do want to know about all the pros and cons related to it. In order to understand what is exactly wrong with the product, one has to know about the product. From the basic information to full-blown specifications. Here you can walk through the information about the latest Solid State Drive SSD launched by Intel with higher storage capacity than normal.

Intel SSDSC2BB800G601 Technical specifications

• Storage capacity: 800 GB
• Encryption standard: 256 bit
• Maximum read transfer rate: 500 MB per second
• Maximum write transfer rate: 460 MB per second
• Drive interface: SATA
• Random read: 68000 IOPS
• Random write: 20000 IOPS
• Sequential read: Up to 500 MB/s
• Sequential write: Up to 460 MB/s
• Power usage (idle): 700mW
• Power usage (active): 4.74 W
• Drive Interface Standard: SATA/600
• Latency read: 55 µs
• Latency writes: 66 µs
• Form Factor: 2.5 inches
• Data transfer rate: 600 MB per second
• Operating shock: 1000 G
• Nonoperating shock: 1000 G
• Operating vibration: 1000 G
• Nonoperating vibration: 1000 G

Details about advanced technologies

• Hardware encryption: AES 256 bit
• End to end data protection: yes
• Enhanced power-loss data protection: Available
• Temperature logging and monitoring: Yes
• Rapid start technology (Intel) and smart response technology (Intel): No
• Intel smart response technology version: 0.00

Product overview

There are no mechanical components are there in Intel SSDSC2BB800G601 SSD.  These drives utilize the non-volatile memory; therefore, you will not lose your data even when the memory is turned off. The overall stability, performance, and functionality of the product make it a perfect storage device to buy. You can Buy Solid State Drive Online and enhance the performance of the system.

Optimized data center Endurance

Applications want storage with consistent performance. This solid-state drive offers the full range of performance and endurance designed to meet the needs of the data workloads. It is exclusively made for the read-intensive applications such as web servers, analytics and lower data rate operational databases. It offers optimized data center to store all your data.

End to end data protection with 256- bit encryption

The device provides end to end data protection with 256-bit encryption advanced encryption standard technology. Therefore, it offers a sophisticated error protection scheme and will respond immediately if an error takes place. Apart from that, the device keeps your data protected from any kind of loss. Even when the system turns off, it keeps the data secured and safe.

Device Efficiency

The device offers power-efficient performance. Combining performance with low power consumption makes the device perfect for those who look for power consumption when it comes to buying a device. The device meets the demanding needs of the data center with the low overall cost. It is ideal for servers and application upgrades without worrying about anything else.

Faster performance and speed

It accelerates the data center performance with reading write throughput speed of 500 and 460 megabytes per second and 4 k random read and write speed of 68,000 and 20,000 IOPS respectively enables you to get effective performance. Applications get benefits with the higher max read latency of 500 microseconds at almost every time. So you will enjoy the higher data transfer speed and enhanced the performance of your system when it comes to memory storage.

Higher reliability

The device is known for its higher reliable and efficient performance. The Intel SSD DC is engineered in a way to reduce the downtime of the system by enhancing the processing speed of it. As a result, the device will immediately respond when it comes to storage-related failures. The device significantly reduces the total cost of the ownership. The device has been analyzed for more than 5,000 unique tests to measure the performance of it.

Wrapping it all up!!!

The Intel SSDSC2BB800G601 delivers the quality of service and excellent performance with higher reliability. By combining the NAND flash memory technology and SATA 6GB interface, the solid-state drive can deliver the sequential read speed of up to 500MB/s and sequential write speed of up to 460 MB per second. This makes the solid-state drive faster, therefore, the device responds immediately.

It also delivers a random read speed of up to 68000 IOPS and random write speed of 20000 IOPS.  Therefore, the device is the perfect way to enhance the memory of your system and to enhance the memory of your system. Buy solid-state drive online and enjoy the higher performance of your device.

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