Fix Mobile Application Speed Issues With These Quick Hacks

Isn’t it frustrating when the speed of your mobile is slow? Staring and cursing your phone won’t help in resolving the issue. What you need are some quick and effective hacks that will help you with mobile application speed issues. We understand how annoying it is to use a mobile with poor speed especially when you have to check important emails or make online payments.

5 Easy Hacks for Mobile Application Speed Issues

If phone speed is something that troubles you then don’t worry because we have got your back! In this important article, we are going to share some top tips that will help you in boosting the speed of your mobile. The article includes hacks for both android as well as iPhone users so make sure that you read the article till the end.

1: Aeroplane Mode

We know that you must have switched on and off the aeroplane mode before reading this article. But most people perform this hack in the wrong way. People switch on the aeroplane mode and then quickly turn it off. It won’t work like that. Here is how you should be doing it:

For android users: swipe down your screen from the top to view the setting panel. You will instantly notice the aeroplane icon. Tap on the aeroplane mode icon and now wait for a couple of minutes.

Your phone should be completely disconnected from the cellular as well as WiFi connections. After around two minutes go to aeroplane mode again and tap on it.

The pop-up menu that you will get on long pressing the power button on android.

For iPhone users: open the control centre on your phone. In case you are using an iPhone X series phone then you can swipe down from the top.

Now disconnect your phone from WiFi as well as the cellular connections. Again wait for at least a minute and then turn the connections on. Most of the time this hack works but in case you are still facing problems then continue reading.

2: Restarting The Phone

Sometimes the speed issues on the phone can be easily resolved by simply turning the phone off.

For android users: press the power button until you see a pop-up menu on your screen. On the pop-up screen, you will find an option for the restart.

Tap on the restart option and now wait for your phone to switch off and then back on again.

In case your phone doesn’t show any pop-up option then you should press the power button until your phone switches off.

Once the phone switches off, wait for a minute and then switch it back on again.

For iPhone users: press the home button on your iPhone till you can see a power slider. Turn the device off and then on after a few minutes.

Hack 1 and 2 most of the time resolve the mobile application speed.

mobile application speed issues

3: Update The App

Sometimes we forget to update the applications on our phones which is why we notice the speed issue in our phones. You should always keep your apps updated.

Android users: open the play store on your phone and then search for the app you are facing a problem with.

When you select the app you will find an option to update it. Click on the update option.

Apple users: open the App Store on your iPhone and then search the app you want to update. Click on the app and then click on the update option that you will see.

You should change the setting on the play store or App Store to automatically update the apps for you. This will reduce your work and the apps will get updated automatically.

4: Clear The Cache

Generally, messaging applications such as Viber or WhatsApp go slow because phones store the cache of these applications.

A cached version of any website or application is a cyberspace version that helps in backing up the data of that application. Since messaging apps store a lot of data like messages, videos, photos and documents the app slows down.

How you can clear your cache?

For android users: open settings on your phone and go to storage. You will find an option of app manager, click on that. Now select the other apps option. Look at the app you want to clear the cache of and then click on the clear cache option.

For Apple users: go to settings and then click on general. You will find storage and iCloud usage options, click on them. Now select the troublesome app and then clear the cache.

5: Hack For Gamers

The final hack on our list is exclusively for gamers. We all know that gaming apps take up a lot of space which is why you face the problem of lag. You can dig into the complications of the developer setting or simply download a booster app.

For android users: you can download any booster app of your choice like a swift gamer or DU speed.

Go to the settings of the phone and look for the phone option. Now click on the build number option there and then tap it for 7 times. This will get your phone into developer mode.

Keep scrolling until you find force 4x MSAA and then enable it. Now reboot your phone and that’s it! Your phone is now perfectly optimized for gaming.

For iPhone users: iPhone users will not get as many customization options as android users get. But on iPhone, you will be able to turn off the graphics which have a great effect on the performance of the game.

Go to settings and find the general option there. In the general option look for accessibility and click it. Here you will find an option called reduce motion, click on it.


Now that the mobile application speed issues of your favourite application are gone you can enjoy your favourite app without any lags. These hacks will solve your mobile application speed issues and make your digital life smoother and more fun! Get your mobile app with TheAppsmiths a mobile app development company in India.

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