What makes you a successful blockchain expert?

As per different global job portals, the search for blockchain experts is doubling down every year. Many industries are actively looking for individuals with expertise. However, as blockchain is still new technology, finding such individuals is hard for businesses. Hence this is a golden era to learn blockchain technology and make a great career in this domain.

If you are someone who has this newfound interest in blockchain careers, then this article will tell you which skills to focus on. Also, we will mention where you can learn technology at the end of this article.

So let’s continue with the article:

A successful blockchain career will demand you to acquire a deep understanding of the blockchain concept, including its functionality and architecture. You need to be familiar with important blockchain aspects like hash functions, consensus, DLT, and others. With a good block chain course, you can learn the inside-out of blockchain architecture.

  • Expertise in driving business outcomes

Generally, blockchain focuses on streamlining the technology part and pays less attention to simplifying business proceedings. Hence, businesses adopting technology want rationality within the framework.

Therefore gaining expertise in business-led blockchain architecture will be useful for you. This way, you can bring value to a business by building direct connections via blockchain technology with project partners of a business.

  • Building Smart contracts

Learning smart contracts is beneficial for your career, as, with the release of Ethereum 2.0, this will experience a wide adoption within the space.

Moreover, smart contracts are the basic feature of building a blockchain that can drive business-logic applications. Therefore you must opt to learn smart contracts and their uses in different aspects of businesses.

Also, you should be familiar with different programming languages like solidity, viper, chain code, etc. Taking a course to learn blockchain is important for getting a grasp on smart contracts.

  • Knowledge of Data structures

Having extensive knowledge about data structures is vital to grasp the basics of blockchain. Additionally, a expert role demands individuals to operate with different data structures. This is because building and implementing networks requires extensive collaboration with numerous data structures. Being informed about this subject will definitely advance your career.

  • All about Cryptography

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the earliest and most widely used application of blockchain. Hence, learning cryptography will open more extensive opportunities for you. Moreover, cryptography is important for the smooth operations of blockchain technology.

For this, you should learn all about cryptocurrency transactions; cryptography helps in encrypting and decrypting the data in the network, how digital wallet works and many other relevant topics.

Cryptography is also one of the important factors to maintain blockchain security. Hence, if you want to get a job in the domain of blockchain security, cryptography is a must for you.

  • Learn to be a T- shaped employee

Most businesses hire people who can be T-shaped employees. This implies that an individual opting for a successful blockchain career should have skills beyond blockchain technology. They must acquire broad cross-discipline skills, which implies innovative thinking, DevOps skills, Agile, and being able to deliver results continuously.

In fact, just technical and business experience is not it. End-to-end applications’ life cycle designing experience, developing networks testing, and implementing are necessary.

In addition to all this, you must retain the quality and be able to use different disruptive technologies in unison. For example, we have blockchain-AI-based projects, blockchain-IOT based projects, and many others.

Closing Thoughts

Blockchain expert job roles require individuals to stay flexible in learning the evolving blockchain realm. Once you show your potential employer what you can bring to the table with your expertise, they will surely consider you as their best candidate.

We suggest you to learn practices, principles, and applications relevant to your target employers. Another thing you can consider is being updated with all the current blockchain news and developments. This will help you to make a better impression and also quickly adapt to the latest changes within the technology.

As mentioned earlier, here we bring you the best platform to learn blockchain and other relevant topics: The BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL. You can enroll in multiple certification programs available on this platform.

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