A Quick Guide on How to Send Money Through a Bitcoin ATM

Your friend is in dire straits. So much so that they’re about to lose the house, the car, and the phone that they’ve been texting you on. In short, they’re broke and they need money in the worst way. Being the awesome person you are, you have some cash and some time and so you figure, “Of course I can help!”. But how to send money through a Bitcoin ATM?

When the bank is closed or sending money abroad, figuring out how to send money through a Bitcoin ATM can be tricky. And if you have a friend or a family member who’s desperate for cash, every minute counts. That’s why we’ve put together a tutorial on using a Bitcoin ATM to send cash. Continue reading this post.

1. Get a Bitcoin Wallet

Before you even start making Google searches that say things like, “Where can I find a Bitcoin machine near me?”, it’s important to first have a method of storing Bitcoin. But in order to do that, you first need to have a bitcoin wallet.

These are free to download in most app stores. So all you have to do is go through the android or the Apple store, search for “Bitcoin wallet”, and download the app you like best.

2. Register at the ATM

Before you can send money to family and friends, you’ll need to register at the Bitcoin ATM. To do that, you’ll need to bring your phone, your money, and some form of photo ID to one of the Bitcoin ATM locations listed on a site like ours.

The good news is that the process of learning how to use a Bitcoin ATM is designed to be as easy as possible. You’ll get a series of instructions designed to walk you through your Bitcoin purchase.

All you’ll have to do is insert your cash into the Bitcoin machine and then wait until the Bitcoin balance appears in your account. Congratulations! You can see Bitcoin in your personal wallet.

3. Send Bitcoin to Friends and Family

At this stage, you should have a Bitcoin wallet, a registered account with your Bitcoin ATM provider, and a Bitcoin balance in your wallet that corresponds with the cash deposit you’ve just made. Now all you have to do is send the money to your family member or your friend.

send money through a Bitcoin ATM

First, you look through your wallet until you can find a button that says “send”. And then all you have to do is follow the instructions until you’re prompted to provide an address for the Bitcoin you’re sending. Copy the other person’s Bitcoin wallet address into that form and click “send”. After the transaction has been verified, making sure that the Bitcoin went to the right place should be easy.

Learning How to Send Money Through a Bitcoin ATM Is Easier Than You Think

When you’re new to the whole concept of buying and selling cryptocurrency, figuring out how to send money through a Bitcoin ATM might as well be rocket science.

However, thanks to current ATM designs and how they’ve been set up to work, sending Bitcoin to your friends and family can feel almost like you’re depositing money through a traditional ATM. Want to learn more about crypto and all things Bitcoin? Check out the rest of our site!

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