Step by Step Navigation about the Anatomy of Birthstones

In the past, only a limited number of people had awareness of birthstones.  But, the current era scenario is completely different. Today information technology has made it possible to access and purchase the commodities that people are desiring from their homes. You can easily update your knowledge about anything you are requiring.

Now greater numbers of people are using birthstones due to their familiarity with the traits of the gemstones.

Historical Overview of Birthstones

In the past civilizations, birthstones were used without cognizance. For instance, in the Stone Age, the chief of the tribes used to wear the gemstones as a symbol of nobility and realization. As time passed, the people with careful observation noticed their attributes. Gradually, birthstones traversed their journey in the fashion world. Today these mineral stones are used in the event jewelry to make the events of life memorable and everlasting.

In the present age, birthstones have a strong bond with the zodiac system. For example dates of Aries spans from 21st March to 19 April. In the same way, Libra dates according to the zodiac system start from 22 September and ends on 21st October.

For a descriptive overview of birthstones, we will be focusing on Aries and Libra Birthstones.

Knowledge-Based Overview of Aries Birthstones

The study of gemology has revealed that Aries Birthstones for the month of March is Aquamarine and for the month of April is Diamond. The details of both are explained below headings

A General Summary of Aquamarine

This gemstone is of the spring season. It delivers a message of calmness with a very pleasant greenish-blue colour. It is a mineral stone belonging to the beryl family. A treatment of Aquamarine with heat removes the yellowish tone from it and makes it a purely blue colour stone matching with the crystal clear seawater.

Sailors consider it a life-saving stone during their dangerous voyages. With a firm trust and belief, they place the stone under the pillows for a deep and full of tranquillity sleep.

People use March birthstone for happiness in their marriage life. It is one of the selected gemstones for the 19th marriage anniversary.

A Brief Description of Diamond

Diamond is Aries birthstone. It is a stone of the elite class. The people having heavy pockets and greater reservoirs of money can own this gemstone for self-beautification. Mineral diamonds are very hard stones. There is no other gemstone that can have hardness matching with diamond.

Aries Birthstone Color makes the diamond a more loving and attractive gemstone. The greater numbers of people insist on the white diamonds. White or colourless diamond without any birthmark is very rare and precious. A colourless diamond reflects, refracts and disperses the light with the highest intensity.

A higher refractive index of the diamond increases its demand in the market. In nature, April Aries Birthstone exists in all colors but black diamond exists in lesser numbers.

Synthetic diamonds have more lustre than mineral stones but are less precious. Synthetic gemstones are free from birthmarks.

Amazing Traits of Libra Birthstone

Opal Birthstone for October

Opal is a famous Libra Birthstone. Libra Birthstone Color invites individuals to purchase it for personal beautification. Color beauty of Opal is matchless. It is has a play of colours. You can see colours of gemstones on a single Opal stone.

Scientifically opal structure is made from the sacks of silica. All sacks are organized in layers with a proportion of water by weight. The entire natural construction is similar to quartz. Because of its unique internal construction, it allows a light ray to diffract from various layers. The diffraction of light rays produces a color pattern similar to a rainbow.

The timely observation about the stones has proved that Opal is a stone that cultivates hope, desire, purity and innocence in the personality of the wearers. Its sheen matching with the rainbow spectrum delivers ideas of happiness and confidence. The stone has a deep association with the eyes; therefore it is the best remedy for eye infection.

Further, it develops broad vision, imagination and dreams. Of course, in the current era, people consider Opal a stone that can improve eye health, cure eye diseases, develop confidence. In short, October Libra Birthstone has magical traits.

In short, it is a stone for Libra’s personality. Therefore, it develops the habit of law and justice. It cultivates consciousness of law and order in the bearers’. Opal is the national stone of Australia. Its main reservoirs are in Australia.

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