Five odd ways to meaningfully celebrate your birthday

Is your birthday nearing, and you are thinking about how to celebrate the special day meaningfully? Well, the first impression of your birthday is all about cutting a cake, blowing candles, enjoying with your dear ones, and cherishing the day. But, as you grow older and put a step towards maturity, you realize that your special day should be celebrated in a manner so that you pay back a bit to the society.

You must have everything you need like shelter, food, family, clothes, and security; it’s high time you be grateful towards the Almighty and try giving back a little to His creations on this planet.

#1 Drive your way to a charitable organization:

You must have spent your birthday with your family, relatives, and friends. But, this year, try a different approach by visiting either an orphanage, a nursing home, or a home for the disabled persons. Try celebrating your birthday with those hapless souls and observe the smile on their faces.

give birthday cake and some food

These souls would bless you from the core of their heart. Distribute your birthday cake and some food with these underprivileged people and earn a smile on their faces.

#2 Care a bit for the environment:

There is nothing like caring for the environment, especially during a special day like your birthday. Take some saplings along with you, namely any fruit tree, and then select a place where the tree can be permanently rooted.

Planting a seedling is a supreme act of caring for the environment and could be a great way to celebrate your birthday. You may get indulged into cleanliness drive and clean your surroundings, or some beach which is dirtied by visitors.

protect environment

You can create various examples of keeping your surroundings clean and making the planet a greener place. This might also bring in some peace for you and help you achieve goals for life.

#3 Raise donation through social media for a noble cause:

Nowadays, social media is an inherent part of life, and people are seen raising funds on the auspicious occasion of a birthday.


These funds are rooted in some underprivileged people for their benefit. That’s a noble gesture.  Visit a religious place and donate some funds for the benefit of the community.

Praying to the Almighty for this beautiful life could be a grand gesture. Being thankful for the life we have could help you achieve contentment.

#4 Explore your hobby:

Are you fond of photography, painting, acting, singing, or dancing? Well, you can explore your habits on the special occasion of your birthday.

You can visit a theatre, and enjoy your favorite show or watch a movie. Take time off from your regular life and explore the world through your lens.


Paint your idea through a canvas or spend some time over the piano; whatever you do will give great satisfaction.

#5 Cook for the person who cares for you the whole year:

Somebody must be cooking or caring for you for the entire year. It’s time that you pay them back by your noble gesture on a special occasion. Take some time and cook food for your family, especially those who devote their time to your well-being. Birthday is all about showing that you care for your surroundings and those who are especially your well-wishers.

Give your contribution to the community, the environment, and, most importantly, those special people in your life, without whom your life would have been meaningless. That could be one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday.

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