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When do You Need Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair?

Today, you cannot imagine a home without refrigerators. From storing food to freezing ice packs, this appliance has a multi-functional contribution to any house. There’s a great demand for refrigerators, and hence, it won’t be surprised if people invest quite a good amount to get the best for themselves. But perfect is a myth, and that fits absolutely for any electronic appliance.

So, when your refrigerators go crazy, you need expert hands from sub zero refrigerators repair that can get them back to sanity.

Types of Refrigerators for Home:

To get a good refrigerator for yourself, there’s generally a need to know about the types available in the market. The next question is, which one to choose? So, here’s a shortlist of various refrigerator types, which will help you decide your proper match.

  • Top freezer:

It is the classic one and has been able to maintain its position in kitchens for decades. These models have the refrigeration taking place at the lower level. These are affordable and hence are preferred by many households.

  • Side-by-side:

This model is an epitome of style and uniqueness. The freezer and refrigerator sit side-by-side, vertically. These models also reduce the door swing space and are counted among the affordable lot. However, energy efficiency is not as high as other refrigerators, and the slim design limits the storage space.

  • Bottom-freezer:

As evident from the name, the freezer is below the refrigerator in this model. It allows a good storage space, and you are saved from the burden of bowing down frequently to access the fridge. Such a refrigerator, being at the eye-level also enables you to find what you require quickly.

  • French door:

If you intend to give a modern look to your kitchen, this is your pick. The ability to open one door at a time minimizes swing space and doesn’t allow the escape of cold air. The freezer is situated below the refrigerator, and some models also have a drawer-style section for it. It is versatile and refreshing.

Common Refrigerator Problems:

Despite companies trying to maintain standards, an appliance can’t work perfectly fine for years. With time, the parts become old, and several issues come up. A sub-zero refrigerators repair thus shows up in such scenarios to get your back. But first, let’s have a brief idea of what problems do refrigerators usually cause.

  • Water leakage:

One of the most common complaints that refrigerator users come up with is of water leaking on the floor. It is extremely undesirable and risky. This problem generally occurs because of 2 reasons; either the defrost drain is blocked/clogged, or frozen water supply.

  • Warming up of fresh food compartment:

This issue is also among the most shared complaints and occurs mainly due to airflow problems. The evaporator fans present in the freezer make sure that cold air reaches the fresh food section. If the evaporator is working fine, then the problem may arise due to the diffuser duct being clogged with ice.

  • Food is freezing:

It is a real nuisance and is caused most likely by a fault in the temperature control thermostat. This problem causes the refrigeration system to operate longer than necessary, thus causing ice formation on food.

Mostly, in such cases, we have had to replace the thermostat.

  • Non-functional water dispenser:

There are three primary reasons responsible for this problem. The first one is that the water tube in the door has frozen. This is the most common cause as per our repeated observations. The next is a faulty water inlet valve, and the third is the insufficient water pressure at your home.


So, now you know that eventually, with age, your refrigerator is bound to have problems, and it’s unavoidable. Sub Zero Repair Pro, make sure that you don’t have to worry about it. Just contact us, and then you can sit back, relax, and watch us serve you with our utmost dedication.

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