Enjoy Luxury Desert Safari in the Golden Land

For people who love to tour around the globe, safaris are one of the biggest attractions, and if it’s a desert safari, then, of course, it’s the cherry on top. The best deserts, which are always in the demand of tourists, are the ones in the UAE. And what’s better than a desert safari in an SUV? A safari in the desert will undoubtedly be etched in your memories, forever.

The main attractions:

The Dubai Deserts are complete astonishments when it comes to spirit and beauty. You will always receive a warm welcome, and their courteous spirit will never make you feel like an outsider.

There’s a lot you can savor in a luxurious safari to Dubai deserts. To keep yourself entertained, you can enjoy fire shows, belly dance shows, and Tanura dancing. These are the evening treats. In the journey itself, you can enjoy dune bashing, where your SUV will go up and down the dunes, and undoubtedly, it’ll be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life.

So, if you want to enjoy luxury desert safari, do not miss going for sand skiing, which is the biggest attraction of this show. With your sand skiing board, you can slide down the Dunes, and give your nerves the ecstasy it deserves.


And how can one miss the camel rides? With your friends and family, join the herd, and have a ride on the ship of the desert. Not only camels, but these deserts also host a great variety of other wildlife, which may cross your path, while you’re out on tour. It could be a gazelle or a monitor lizard or wild cats.

Other than that, ladies and kids can go for henna painting. Adults can enjoy Sheesh and Hubble Bubble smoking. You can also click pictures in local costumes to get the real Arab vibes, and don’t miss sharing a frame with the Arabian Eagles, cause that’s the real royal feeling of safari desert in Dubai.

Different types of desert safaris:

  • Morning desert safari:

The morning safari in the Dubai deserts is a quintessential experience. You can escape the noise of cities and surrender yourself to the serenity of nature. Witness the sunrise in the golden land, let the rays soothe your mind and body. The taste of such a peaceful yet thrilling safari is unmatched.

  • Overnight desert safari:

This is also a marvelous experience, and you surely wouldn’t like to miss it. Conducted exactly at midnight overnight desert safari presents you with a wondrous star gazing opportunity, in the clear sky. You can set up tents, light a bonfire, and enjoy a BBQ dinner. The cool breeze makes the environment very romantic and adventurous. Do you have a friend who can play the guitar? Then you will have the best time of your life in this safari.

  • Hummer desert safari:


It is the most popular desert safaris among adventure lovers. You get to experience an enthralling ride in the four-wheeler across the desert. As the Hummer bashes the Dunes, you will have the most thrilling ride of your life, with your heart pounding hard, yet you want the journey to continue. This action-adventure play generally lasts for 45 minutes.

  • Evening desert safari:

When the sun is about to say goodbye, you can experience evening desert safari adventure at its best. Witnessing the night set in among the dunes is one of the most loved experiences by tourists across the globe. It is a pure picturesque view, and you would certainly like to keep it framed in your drawing-room.

evening desert safari
Image Credit: TripAdvisor

And what’s more? If you get a chance, you can even go for a hot air balloon ride, over the glittering dunes, bidding a happy farewell to the sun for the day.


For people craving for a euphoric safari, a desert in the UAE must be in your bucket list. And having an SUV as your tour partner will enhance the flavor by manifolds.

So what are you waiting for? Book with Luxury Arabian Tours to grab those Golden memories this year with your family!!

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