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A few years back, when games used to be spoken of, Play station and Xbox were the two major gaming consoles which came out to be most renowned in the field. The two, no doubt, held apt to the fame they had as they provided THE BEST gaming experience one could possibly desire. Being the best has a cost as well. Play Station and Xbox though were the best, they were also expensive enough to be afforded by everyone.

So if you miss your old play station gaming sessions with your mates or could never experience because of the high cost, your smartphones might just have a solution for you to feel nostalgic again. Henrik Rydgard made it possible for you to now play all your all-time favorite old PSP games on your android device by developing PPSSPP Gold APK.

PPSSPP Gold APK is an emulator that allows your android device to create the same environment needed to run the PSP games. The app provides the high definition graphics and makes sure that you achieve the same level of thrill you used to feel when you played on an actual PSP.

We are helping you out to download the app by showing you the whole method but first, let us have a look at what exactly the app is offering us.


You might be having questions and doubts regarding the app about is the app as amazing as an actual PSP. The features we are jotting down would surely answer all those questions and convince you to try it. Read the features below.

  1. Save Games

The main concern a lot of players face is about having to leave a game midway due to whatever reason. The app provides an additional feature which was not much significant when it came to the PSP games. PPSSPP Gold apk lets you save your game in between whenever you want. You can resume the game from where you left at whatever time you feel like.

  1. Stunning Graphics and Sound quality

Passing on a PSP gameplay environment entirely on to an android device is not an easy task. Especially when we talk about graphics and sound, we think of it to be impossible that the app would extend the same grade of animation and sound in the games as of actual PSP games. But PPSSPP Gold emulator has made it possible and it not only provides the exact same quality but also allows you to change the audio and graphics parameters.

  1. Customizable controls

It is a huge shift from PSP to Android, getting used to pre-set controls might take some time so the app allows you to set your game controls according to your preference and comfort.

  1. Compatibility

Introducing the PSP games in your androids is already is a huge step. Would you be satisfied if you could only play the PSP on the small screens of your smartphones?? No, right? When we talk about android devices, we mean every android device including the tablets. However, the app is not supported on iOS yet.

  1. Anisotropic Filtering

When we talked about the quality of graphics, we meant it. The app uses anisotropic filtering method which lets the gamer to set the graphic quality according to his or her preference and the gadget’s configuration the game is being played on.

  1. External Device Support

Being playing on PSP for a long time might have made to adapt to the gaming devices you use with PSP. Switching to touch controls of your android device might be uncomfortable and not so much of a thrilling experience as that with gaming gadgets. The best feature of this app is that it allows you to connect external input devices like keyboard or joystick via Bluetooth. This ensures the same level of amusement which you once experienced.

  1. Source of multiple PSP games

The PPSSPP Gold apk is a storehouse of a vast number of PSP games. The app keeps on developing and more and more games are becoming capable to run on your android device with the best quality giving you the same thrilling experience of a PSP.


Some sites suggest that you will be charged a small amount to download the app from Google Play Store. But there is no need to spend your money on something which you can get absolutely free.

Yes! We are giving you a free method to download the exact same app so that you can enjoy all your childhood PSP games you have missed playing for long.

Downloading PPSSPP Gold Emulator apk is extremely easy and requires a few simple steps only. Follow the steps we have provided below and you will have the PSP emulator in your devices in seconds.

  1. Download PPSSPP Gold by clicking on this link.
  2. Agree to the download alert by clicking on OK. The download will start immediately.
  3. An installation page will open on its own once the download is complete.
  4. Start the installation process by just clicking on the install option. The installation process would take a few seconds to complete.
  5. Search for the icon of PPSSPP Gold in your device’s apps. Tap on it and you will see multiple games you can choose from to enjoy.

There you go! You can now play your favorite PSP games on your android device using  PPSSPP GOLD emulator apk in a matter of seconds.



If you are a true game lover, trust us, PPSSPP Gold apk is for you. The app offers all your childhood games that were impossible to be played on any android gadget, but with the help of PPSSPP Gold emulator, you now have what you need.

Not only does it allows you to play your favorite games on android devices, but it also manages to maintain the high-quality graphics and sounds as in your PSP that too, without spending a penny of yours.  The app lets you set your own game controls and attach external Bluetooth accessories for your comfort. We are pretty sure that you will not find any difference in your gaming experience than of an actual PSP.

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