Different Types of Hiking Backpacks

There are many different kinds of hiking backpacks for hiking. The kind of backpack that you want to use will have a lot to do with the kind of hiking you will be doing. Some of the popular types include; cargo, ridge pack, side load, over the shoulder, and a backpack to carry a backpack.

Most people think that hiking is only about climbing the tallest mountains in the world. However, hiking can be as simple as taking a short hike around your local area.

Outdoor hiking offers many more experiences than climbing a mountain. Other than getting to the top of your favorite mountain or boulder, hiking offers more ways to enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoors.

Hiking Backpacks

Hiking Backpacks is a great choice for anyone that enjoys going hiking. A backpack can offer a lot of comfort for you and the family while you are enjoying the wonderful scenery.

Cargo Hiking Backpacks

This type of backpack is a bag-like container that has a built-in hiker’s seat. When you sit down in this kind of backpack, it can usually be folded down to allow more space in your trunk, and this allows you to carry your hiking equipment more easily.

These bags are not very convenient in that they do not have a padded seat or any type of internal compartments, but they are usually pretty good for carrying some hiking gear.

A lot of people prefer this style of a backpack because they have a nice place to put their tents, sleeping bags, food, or other miscellaneous items.

They are usually not very big, and the size does not go far past two or three feet long. For this reason, some of them are really lightweight and very portable.

Ridge Pack Hiking Backpack

Also called a “Ridgepack”, this is also a bag-like container that has a built-in hiker’s seat. A Ridgepack is just like a regular bag except that the top is held by straps.

You can set up the ridge pack like a regular backpack, but you can also use a rack mount rack to hang it on the back of your vehicle. Rack mount racks are usually made from a metal frame that allows you to tie a padlock to the rack, so you don’t need to remove the rack when you are on a trip.

These are generally much smaller than the cargo bags, and they can go nearly as long as your trunk. Most racks fit easily into your trunk.

Side Load Hiking Backpack

Sometimes called a “Compact Hiking Backpack”, this is basically a small backpack that is fastened to your side. The side load is a single-person backpack.

These have a more comfortable bag like a seat, are generally easier to handle and carry around, and can usually be found for much less money than the other styles of the backpack. You may find one that fits your needs perfectly.

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