Canberra Bushfires

There have been plenty of cases of Canberra fires during the past couple of years, with many being very serious, and many others being rather mild. The days of an active Canberra fire season seem to be over, but there are still quite a few things you should know about Canberra bushfires.

Before reading further, you should know that Canberra fires can last from two hours to a day, and sometimes they last much longer.

About Canberra bushfires

When the bushfire season starts, you should probably do what you always do, pack your bags, and move somewhere safe, where you can be protected from bushfires. As a precaution, it is best to make sure that your house is completely out of the fire zone. Otherwise, the fire could just reach your roof or other buildings you may have.

During the bushfire season, there are a number of precautions you can take to make sure you are not caught in the middle of the bushfire itself. When the weather is warm, you should definitely open your windows, put on your oven mitts, and cover your home with the water sprinklers.

If you’re far away from your home, call the police or the fire brigade. If they start attacking the fire, you will be forced to leave your home, which is obviously bad news.

In the case of a large burning bushfires, you should evacuate Cadomacka (the largest settlement in Canberra), where most of the bushfires originate. Avoid taking pets to your house or building because these animals could be trapped in the evacuation zone.

You should never drive your car through the evacuation zone because if it were to break through the fence, it would certainly attract attention. Should you encounter an accident in your car, it would be very difficult to get to help you if it was a bushfire.

There are a lot of reasons why the Canberra fires do not take place during the bushfire season. One of them is because of the very dry climate of Australia. The rainy season follows the dry season, and at this time, many of the Canberra bushfires are naturally triggered.

In fact, there are only a few Canberra bushfires that occur during the capital city’s bushfire season. It’s really worth mentioning that the Canberra bushfires are very rare, and you are actually safer from bushfires during the cool season when there are no huge fires happening around.

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