DJ Andrea Pomeje

DJ Andrea Pomeje is the spouse of Jiří Pomeje. She is one of the most highly sought after models on the net. She has received rave reviews from both the fashion industry and the general public. Now, she is turning her hand to modelling and acting in what is her first major acting role.

About Andrea Pomeje

It all started with an audition for a soap opera. The actress Danielle Pomeje called her the twin sister of the character of John Hemme in her upcoming TV series. You see, she is the daughter of an actor, which explains her desire to act.

Now that she has become famous, she is continuing to work hard to hone her star quality and her skills in acting. She has also made it her mission to develop her skills as a model.

Recently, she teamed up with Australian fashion designer Andrew Ricker to promote his new fragrance “Forget About Me“. She has graced the covers of the magazines S and FHM. Andrea has even given an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald where she talked about the art of glamour and her budding career as a fashion designer.

Andrea Pomeje

As a fashion designer, Andrea has also worked with Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Rochas, and Fred Perry. She also posed for the cover of French Vogue a few years ago. The fashion designer behind this career has put her in front of the camera for many different campaigns, including a French Vogue Campaign.


Now, she is working as a model on the internet. She has joined Facebook and she also created her own website where she posts pictures and videos of her photos, articles, and videos.

It is actually her website, her profile, and the photographs on her website, that are driving so much of the attention for Andrea Pomeje. People are going crazy over her online profile. The photos on her website are outstanding that many people are going crazy over her.

The photos on her popular Instagram account are being shared widely on many websites. She is the person who is helping to drive traffic to the website.

Now that she has a very high profile on the internet, she is receiving a lot of attention and people are talking about her.

Increasing Social Fans

Many people are making her their model, as well as their celebrity and they, are making her their favourite model.

She now has her own personal trainer to keep up with her schedule and to help her get the most out of her life as a model. As a personal trainer, she has helped thousands of other women to achieve their goals.

So, Andrea Pomeje is becoming an inspiration to many other women who want to become models, as well as become successful and reach their goals. Hopefully, she will continue to continue to bring to light the talent that she possesses.

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