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Upgrade Your Kitchen & Bathroom Right Way with Interior Tiles

Just as people and unity make a happy family, Kitchen and Bathroom speak the loudest while describing a house’s aesthetics and vibe. While embarking on remodelling or designing your kitchen and bathroom, choosing the right kind of interior tiles for bathroom tiles, and kitchen mosaic tiles are important to the interior decor and functionality of your home.

Revamp your kitchen and bathroom with the best tiles to give them a modern look. For the kitchen, you can opt for larger tiles such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, and marble tiles. For the bathroom, smaller tiles can be used as well as larger ones such as Ceramic tiles, marble tiles, glass tiles, etc.

Select the Best Interior Tiles and Flooring

Keeping in mind that the bathroom and kitchen are the areas that are prone to heavy foot traffic, water usage, and spillage, the identical prerequisites should not helm you towards investing in the same marble or ceramic tiles for both areas.

Choosing different tiles for both bathroom and kitchen is wise, cost-effective, and adds a semblance and different shades to your home. Shop for the Best Interior Tiles and Flooring in MississaugaMiltonEtobicoke, Vaughan and other surrounding Greater Toronto Areas.

  • Kitchen Tiles

The bespoke part of an interior style statement, the kitchen is evolving as an area of self-reflecting style and entertainment and camaraderie. As an area of cooking, eating, and enjoying company, it is most prone to oil stains, food spillage, and dust accumulation.

So whether it’s a modern version of an open layout Mediterranean kitchen or a subtle Scandinavian kitchen, kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles should be chosen vigilantly.

  • Kitchen Floor Tiles

Due to heavy foot traffic, hot food and oil spillage, and water and alcohol spillage, kitchen mosaic tiles should be non-porous, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, while larger tiles make the kitchen decor look spacious.

Using bright-hued tiles or putting bright red coloured chairs onto a neutral colour floor can bring a contrasting and energizing look to your kitchen.

With minimalism much in fashion, you can always choose white textured tiles with dark or print textured ones in the middle.

Whether to go with contrasting tiles or single colour tiles for both wall and floor of the kitchen, make sure the tiles are cleaner and friendly to clean up the mess that kids and pets make all the time.

Best Interior Tiles for Kitchen Floor

  • Ceramic

Affordable and durable. Its versatility makes it the best choice for kitchen floor tiles. Textured ceramic tiles are perfect for Mediterranean-style kitchens and glazed Ceramic tiles often protect against stains and damage compared to wood or carpet.

  • Marble

Of natural stone tile materials, it exudes elegance, exuberance, and sophistication. Being on the pricier side with various colour palettes available, it gives the luxury homes of the rich people the right amount of pizazz and changes the decor dramatically. But be sure to check for rough textured ones.

Best Tiles for Kitchen Floor

  • Porcelain

A finer version of Ceramic tiles yet affordable is more durable than other clay ceramic counterparts. They resemble brick patterns, hardwood, and marble.

  • Kitchen Wall

You can always contrast your kitchen floor tiles with your kitchen wall and backsplash and countertop tiles. For the backsplash, you can use mosaic kitchen tiles, ceramic tiles, or marble tiles in bold colours.

Select geometric, floral, and hexagonal patterns to give more depth to the decor of the kitchen and for utility purposes as well (as cooking and washing dishes lead to water and oil spillage).

You can easily go for smaller size tiles for the wall and backsplash, but make sure to use large interior tiles for the countertop for a cleaner and chic finish.

Best Tiles for Kitchen Walls

Ceramic tile: The pocket-friendly and yet durable clay tiles in dark hues or various patterns can create the right amount of depth to the decor.

  • Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

They are easy to clean, and durable making them perfect for kitchen countertops and backsplash to clean the residue of cooking oil. They are chemical resistant too, making them the ideal option for the kitchen.

  • Marble tiles

tiles in neutral colors for a minimalistic approach or vibrant color with various textures to offer, marble tiles serve the all-purpose of oomph and class.

best tiles for kitchen

  • Bathroom Tiles

In the most humid and wet area of a household, the two things that hover over our minds while choosing tiles for the bathroom are non-slippery and water-resistant tiles for the bathroom.

The torrential shower water, soap splashes, and various body, and skincare product residue make the bathroom an accident-prone part of the household.

Potentially a slip-hazard place, the bathroom floor tiles preferably should be matte finish, water-resistant and non-porous. If the tiles soak more water, it will attract bacteria and fungus infestation and the tiles will gradually become loose with greater damage to come.

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Best Tiles for Bathroom Floor

bathroom wall tilesCeramic and Porcelain Tiles: Affordable style with durability.

  • Glass

Gives a luxurious and spacious look, though it is advisable to go for an anti-skid surface. They are water-resistant and low-maintenance.

  • Mosaic

They are smaller in size so perfect for the bathroom. Various coloured interior tiles give the bathroom a vibrant feel with various patterns.

Best Tiles for Bathroom Wall

Smaller tiles are the go-to for the rather closed and smaller space of the bathroom.

But to give your bathroom a wider look, go for neutral-toned and larger tiles.

You can go for ceramic and porcelain tiles, and mosaic bathroom tiles. But while choosing glass tiles and cement tiles, keep in mind that they are more porous and need periodical maintenance.


The kitchen and bathroom are essential parts of a household. To make the aesthetics pop out while keeping in mind the utility and maintenance factors.

There is a wide range of interior titles to choose from, so choose wisely. For more information, check out this reference website today.

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