5 Important Things You Need To Know About The Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Cloud computing platforms are becoming really popular. And it becomes more successful when it comes from trusted names like Microsoft. Have you heard of Microsoft Azure Marketplace? Do you have the basic knowledge about it?

No! Do not worry at all about this, because, in this article, I will let you know about Microsoft Azure Marketplace. I will also discuss the 5 important things that you should know about it. But before that, get some ideas about why to sell on the microsoft azure marketplace.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

From the above discussion, you may have guessed that it is a cloud-based computing service. In other words, you can consider Microsoft Azure as an ever-expanding, broad set of cloud-based computing services for government agencies, developers, businesses.

Anyone who is willing to develop an app or want to run an enterprise obviously on the internet, and that is too without managing and installing hardware or any kind of server software.

Microsoft azure marketplace

For Microsoft, it has been the business segment, which is growing too fast. Experts are also assuming that within 2 or 3 years, it will overtake Windows in terms of revenue.

Rather than typically relocate on-premises servers to the cloud, the total range of Microsoft Azure services covers a lot more than that. Apart from IaaS resources, with Microsoft Azure, you are also getting a full range of SaaS or Software as a Service and PaaS or Platform as a Service. Without managing a server, it gives your organization access to the cloud.

5 Important Things You Need To Know About The Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Here are the 5 important things that you need to know about the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

  1. Across the world, there are a total of 32 regions where Azure is available. The company also has announced recently that they are going to initiate operations in 6 more regions.
  2. Every week, around 2 trillion messages are processed by the Azure IoT.
  3. Across the world, Azure has positioned 1.4 million SQL databases.
  4. With Azure’s active directory, their number of registered developers is over 4 million.
  5. 40% of Azure’s revenue comes from start-ups and ISVs.

Which Services Are Available Through Microsoft Azure?

All the products and services, which are directly being via Microsoft Azure Marketplace, are either made by Microsoft itself or any of their technology partners.

All the products and services have to be certified by Microsoft certified program before you can purchase them on the marketplace. This ensures that the products or services are totally compatible with the cloud.


Currently, Microsoft Azure is offering over 3,800 products. And all these products are organized in their 7 categories. They are discussed below.

  • Developer Services

All these are add-on services, which are for deployment along with application management. These are as vital as other products or services are. You can consider these as a bonus.

  • Virtual Machines

There are basically software images, which are specially designed for both Windows and Linux server virtual machines. Microsoft or their technology partners provide these.

  • API Apps

These are some amazing tools, which allow developers to connect any of their applications with software. And that is too as an application programming and service offerings interface.

  • Azure Active Directory Applications

On the Azure Active Directory, one can configure these applications by enabling the user account management via just a single sign-in.

  • Data Services

These are the services, which offer data on sports, retail, demographics, financials, and some other categories. For the applications and intelligence tools, businesses can use all this data.

  • Web Applications

This includes all the Azure templates and web apps. The list includes open source options as well.

  • Microsoft Dynamic Solution

These are the very products, which one can use alongside Microsoft Dynamics, CRM or customer relationship management, and ERP or enterprise resource planning from Microsoft.


Based on the product types, Microsoft Azure Marketplace is ready with various subscriptions and pricing options. Where some of the products are totally free, there are also others that have a monthly payment option or a pay-as-you-go model. For the marketplace products, fantastic along with Azure infrastructure costs, all the users are charged individually.

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