5 Stylish Wedding Arrangements in Kitchener Ontario

Weddings involve a lot of planning. It is a big day for the families and the couple of course. Everyone wants their wedding, their day of union, to be memorable. Some would want it to be spectacular and fun while would want a quite simple wedding but impact, nonetheless.

Some would want a stylish wedding with excellent photos to remember it by. For those here are some Stylish wedding arrangements that can be done in Kitchener.

1. Awesome invites

The invitations are the first part of any wedding celebration. These need to go out in advance so you can know the exact number of guests expected. The wedding stationery that is used can be custom made. You can get your own logo made or have stylish laser cut wedding cards.

The invitations could also be hand-painted to make it look unique and customized. There are vellum overlays, printed envelopes and lace designs that are available to make your invite look super stylish.

Your wedding stationery could also include thank you cards with beautiful calligraphy.

2. Beautiful venue

The venue in Kitchener could be outdoors as Canada has so many scenic natural spots. The Butterfly Conservatory is also a cool place to have your wedding in.

Or you could get a winery or waterfront venue for your special day. These places are naturally beautiful, and you can get some good decorations for the aisle and you are set.

Custom benches have been coming up as requests, so guests feel closer to the ceremony. These are in a curved formation instead of straight rows. If you don’t want too many flowers you could line the aisle with pretty ferns.

One of the coolest ideas a couple had, was to walk on a ramp above the pool to get to the main stage where the officiant was. These ideas are cool and can make your wedding stand out.

3. Spectacular arrival

Your arrival at the wedding venue or the reception can be made spectacular with an awesome vehicle. Hire a Kitchener Wedding Limo and have it decorated the way you want. A limo is the ultimate style statement. You arrive like a celebrity and it catches everyone’s attention.

One couple also had their bridal party follow them in golf carts and this seems like a pretty good idea if you are getting married in a country club.

The bride’s bouquet can be something that is different from traditional ones. Instead of traditional roses try olive branches, veronica, sedum and garlic blooms. This adds a rustic look to your bouquet.

4. Decor and food

You can choose new decor ideas from the ones available online. Some couples experiment with grass garlands and a backdrop that mimicked a scene from a Midsummer Night Dream.

This is one of the most stylish wedding arrangements you can have. The best thing to do is have a theme wedding so you can make your decor similar.

Planning a Charismatic Wedding
image credit: kavoossikonsulting.com

If travel is your theme, then your location decor can match that. You could have luggage tags as placeholders and the like. Get a painter to paint pictures of your day live. You could hire two of them so guests can some pictures back as favours too.

For food, you can get a food truck or have a live counter that serves fresh hot food. A buffet bar with salads and a candy station also work well.

5. Favour and entertainment

Coming to favours, you can unique favours to send off with your guests. Embroidered handkerchiefs with your initials, local snacks in monogrammed bags, hangover kits are great ideas for favours.

For entertainment, you could ask the guests to bring any instruments they play and have an impromptu jam session. Singing waiters, belly dancers or aerial artists are something new that can add flair to your wedding.

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