How Crazy is the Nightlife in Brampton,Ontario?

One of the fast-growing cities in Ontario, Brampton in Ontario has a big economic sector. Like most of Canada, it is surrounded by nature and greenery. Although not very much know for its party scene, there are average options for nightlife in Brampton. There are old school bars and roadhouses.

Here is a list of some of the best hangouts for the night in Brampton.



This lounge is favourite among those who like Reggae, Calypso, Soca and Hip Hop. They are open from 9 am till 3 am and you can dance the whole night.

There is a dress code here and you need to be stylish. That means no sportswear, timberlands, athletic shoes or baggy jeans. There is an entry charge and the place is on Gateway Boulevard.

Up Yer Kilt Pub and Club

This typically Irish sounding pub is a small place on Orenda Road. Although it has a limited menu, it is quite popular with the locals. You get the Irish Guinness here, just like the ones you get in Dublin.

Image source: Canada 247

The menu is limited and just written on a board. You get the beef stew, chicken wings and fish and chips – typical bar food. But all these taste best with the beer that you have available here.


This is a bar and restaurant in the Queen area. There is comfortable seating and blue-glass floors. The food is decent with Baja fish tacos, steaks, wings and pork sandwiches.

There is a DJ on Saturdays and Fridays who spins up Soca and old school music. They also have a late-night menu consisting of sliders and jerk chicken. Worth a try.

Magnum’s pub

Located on McMurchy Avenue in Brampton and has fresh food served with drinks. It is like any old school pub with wood furniture.

Magnums Bar and Eatery in Brampton, ON

They have karaoke on Thursday, and you can choose from a long list of songs. It is a typical local watering hole and one of the options for nightlife in Brampton.

Perplexity games

Located on Bramsteele, this is a form of interactive entertainment. It is included in our list because its open till 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

There are puzzles and obstacles to test your intellect and logic in an urgent environment with other team members. You need to solve the mystery to escape the room. If you want to do something exciting on the weekend, do try this.


Maguire’s is a decent pub in Brampton with locals frequenting this place. The food is great, and the staff renders good service.

Like most outlets in Brampton, this is a quaint setting that focuses on great food. It is quite popular for its Italian food options. It also holds a selection of spirits and wines and can hold a group of 30 people together.

Keltic Rock Pub & Restaurant

The last on our list is the Keltic Rock Pub & Restaurant, which is open till 2 am in the morning – everyday. This is a big deal for a small place like Brampton.


On Saturday karaoke nights, and you’ll find the place full. The karaoke timings are from 10 pm to 2 am. The beer selection is decent, and the staff are friendly.

Brampton isn’t like a big city like Toronto is so there isn’t much of nightlife. Most are locals, pubs and eateries that offer alcohol. There isn’t any designated dancing area, but wherever they have live bands, you can dance to the music.

You may want to hire a Brampton Limo Service for you and your friends to make an entrance in style to one of these pubs and even plan for a night-out after enjoying the nightlife.

But even if it isn’t as happening as a big city, it has its own small-town charm that is pleasing in itself.

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