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In today’s digital age, we have all been caught guilty of binging YouTube videos. From podcast, music videos to vlogs, YouTube as a platform is known by all and one. However, some viewer must have come across blocked videos that they really wanted to see due to Geo restriction. This can be disappointing, but there is always a solution at hand like VPN and CroxyProxy YouTube, a web proxy services.

What is CroxyProxy YouTube and how does it work?

With this proxy service, you can get access to any blocked content and continue watching it. So, in this guide, we will brief you on why we need to use Croxyproxy at times, what it is and how it works, how you can use it, and why it is one-of-a-kind solution.

The Need to Use Croxy Proxy

As you now know, this article is on Croxyproxy YouTube; let us tell you more about why it is such a beneficial web tool and service. Below, we have listed the following reasons why everyone should be using it-

  • Enhanced Access

CroxyProxy for YouTube is really helpful! Sometimes, YouTube might be blocked or restricted in certain places. That is where Croxyproxy YouTube steps in. It helps you access YouTube even when it’s * blocked in your area, so you can still watch your favorite videos or learn from tutorials.

If we have to explain it to a novice, Croxy Proxy is an advanced free web proxy service. It allows users to bypass any kind of restrictions on YouTube and view the content. Here, we will tell you how Croxyproxy YouTube works.

  • Access Point

CroxyProxy acts as an access point between your device and YouTube. When you want to view YouTube content but face restrictions, you need to use CroxyProxy.

  • Bypassing Restrictions

It bypasses regional or network-based restrictions by presenting a different IP address. This hides your actual location. It would appear as if the connection is originating from an unrestricted area.

  • Data Encryption

CroxyProxy encrypts your connection. This means that the data flow between your device and YouTube is kept secure. This also protects it from potential viruses or threats.

  • Displays All Content

Upon receiving your request, CroxyProxy fetches the YouTube content. Then, it displays it for you.

How to use Croxyproxy?

Using CroxyProxy to unblock YouTube is very simple and easy. There are only four basic and easy-to-follow steps, following which you can enjoy blocked or restricted content. This YouTube proxy can be made to use by:

  • Visit the Croxy Proxy website

Make sure you have a secure and reliable internet connection. After that, just go to any web browser and paste  URL to take you to the site.

  • Choose a Location

Once you are on the site, you will be guided to select a browsing location. Choose anyone that you want. This is an essential step as it will bypass any Geo-location restriction. In other words, it will provide you anonymity to browse and enjoy blocked content.

  • Enter URL of Blocked YouTube Video

In this third step, you have to go to YouTube and copy the link to the blocked video. Once you have done that, come back to Croxy Proxy YouYube, and paste the URL in the given box. After that, just click on the Go button.

  • Watch Content

By now, the blocked or restricted video has been made accessible, and you are all set to watch it.

Why is Croxyproxy a Unique Solution?

Many other options exist to watch blocked content. However, Croxyproxy is a superior and unique solution. Below, we have discussed the reasons why it is such a cool tool.

  • No Installation

Many proxy servers will require you to install their app on your phone or computer. This oftentimes is a hassle and unwanted by users as it may require additional storage on your device. However, it does not require any such installation. It can be used via the web itself.

  • Free to Use

The best feature about Croxyproxy YouTube is that it is free to use and yet does what it says, i.e., unblocks YouTube content. You do not even need to pay money to use it, and this is its biggest plus point. However, there are paid features, too, which can make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

  • Easy Interface

Croxyproxy has an easy-to-use interface that allows people of all ages the ease to use and navigate it. The steps are simple, too, and do not consume any additional time.

  • Compatible With All Devices

Croxyproxy can be used on all devices. Be it your laptop or your mobile phone, its compatibility features make it a unique solution for users.

  • Customer Assistance

The last thing that we need to say is its impeccable customer service. In case you have faced any problems or are unsure what to do, just reach out to their live support team, who will help with all your queries.


So that was everything about using Croxy a web proxy to unblock restricted sites. We hope now you know why it is such a beneficial and helpful service and why you should use it. In short, this is the best web proxy advanced YouTube browser available for free.

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