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How Instagram Stories Can Help Your Business Grow

Where we spontaneously reject fast all advertising, Instagram offers an advantage. The platform has amplified its popularity amongst business communities by introducing various options for Instagram marketing.

Instagram Marketing for Business

If you are overlooking Instagram, you are simply missing out on the opportunity that can benefit your business. Instagram is one of the most used social media marketing platforms with billions of active users globally. Also, the platform comparatively has less competition and a greater engaging audience than other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram marketing is, however, an opportunity for businesses to showcase their offers, services, and products to more interested audiences without the need for investing enormous amounts of dollars on paid ads. Instagram’s API enables users to broadcast videos or photos on the business profile with the help of a third-party platform. This makes it easier for businesses to gain benefits from all Instagram offers.

Whether you want to update your social media marketing strategies or you are just a newbie to the social media network, Instagram can be superbly useful for your business.

#1 Show your creativity

Focus more on the result and not on the product or service you sell. With Instagram marketing, it is crucial to add value to the customers and also to look good while handling it. Remember, the visual content you post on this social media platform is the most crucial asset.

Focus on displaying the process of offering your service or product, the culture of your company, or just share some knowledge and instructions. You can do this in various ways; may it be uploading photos, short video clips, or GIFs.

Instagram Stories is one of the ways to display your ads. You can produce stories in a slideshow format that will only last for 24 hours. But to make it possible that your story shows up even after the original story fades away, you can add it to your profile as highlights.

Instagram stories can benefit your brand in various ways.

  • They are visible at the very top of follower timelines under the Instagram logo.
  • You can use them to grab behind-the-scenes contents. The stories don’t need to be high quality as the regular uploads.
  • You can create your story with various types of content like photos, short videos, GIFs, or live video.
  • Tagging other accounts in the stories is perfect for Instagram influencer marketing and collaborators.
  • Instagram stories also have fun additions like text, stickers, and face filters you can use to edit the posts.
  • Hashtags and locations make stories more visible on Instagram.
  • You can add as many photos and videos as you like on the Instagram story.

Creating Instagram stories is possible only on mobile apps but possibly you can send it as a direct message. Moreover, it is a fun and engaging way to partake for far all brands.

Instagram IGTV  is another key feature that enables users to upload long videos. These videos are longer and you have lots of opportunities to create engaging and fun video content for your brand.

IGTV videos can also benefit your brand marketing in various ways.

  • IGTV videos can be up to an hour-long and offer plenty of space to exhibit your creativity.
  • The IGTV tab “Following” enables followers to access your newly uploaded contents. They will receive alerts as you post new content.
  • It is an extra platform that helps you display your visual content. However, it is more likely to be spotted.
  • It enhances discoverability if incorporated with one-minute newsfeed previews.
  • Viewers can leave their reviews and comments which will be visible to other users. This can, indeed, work as social proof.

IGTV videos have gained everlasting popularity. So, it is time to start experimenting with your brand marketing.

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#2 Create an attractive profile

You probably may have a lot of things being a company owner. Do not try to fit everything you do in 150 characters. Focus on the most important things about your next big project; may it be an event, product launch, or promotion.

As you might know, the only section viewers can click to review is your Bio section which is right under your login name. Always keep it updated. Many businesses use this section as the only option to link their website but it can indeed do a lot.

You can also add your contact details to the bio section of your Instagram Business Profile. This will give you access to ample analytics data.

#3 Share behind the scene stories

People are always curious to learn everything about the products they use; where they come from, how are they manufactured, what material is used, etc. Through Instagram, you can display the whole lifecycle to them.

The platform is especially suitable for companies that deal with FairTrade and environmentally friendly products. Feed images that can demonstrate the way your products are manufactured right from the core material used, production, and distribution.

Instagram Video
Instagram Video

If nothing springs up, you can at least share something that has notes, stickers, or filled white- or blackboards. Indeed, you will be having various brainstormed concepts, it is your responsibility to take an appropriate image and upload it to Instagram. It is good to give different post types a shot until you make out the one that attracts the audience.

4 Make use of hashtags ‘#’

Hashtags are most commonly used to expand the reach. Whether your campaign is general or specific, it is essential to be relevant. Set up your company’s hashtag (e.g. #cswebsolutions). Use it every time you post images on Instagram. The hashtag will enable people to easily find related content and your main account as well.

Maximum 30 hashtags you can use for every single post on Instagram. Together with your campaign-specific hashtags, you can also use other popular hashtags to enhance your content’s discoverability.

Additionally, it is also vital to consider the right place for adding the hashtags. You can either add them to the end of your post, in the comment section or into the actual post.

#5 Collaborate with others

As we all know, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms that help you share customers’ success stories. Even if you are not partnered with any non-profit organization, you can do charity or a fundraiser a few times a year.

Not everyone monitors hashtags on social media. It is, moreover, important that the cause of your campaign coordinates with your mission and brand value the longest possible.

#6 Be confident while offering exclusivity

Customers’ interest is the most crucial part of any social media marketing campaign. Present your valued and loyal followers of exclusive content. Let them be the first to learn about your new products, services, offers, or events.

With the help of teaser photos, you can create anticipation or satisfy curiosity for the new releases, or office or store openings, etc. Doing this you will make your followers feel special and will make them visit back to review the insider information.

#7 Ultimately, scrutinize your success

Social media marketing is a guessing game. However, it is vital to scrutinize where you succeed and what didn’t work. Social media management tools can in the best way to help you through. Utilize the tools to schedule your campaigns on Instagram.

Moreover, social media analytics can help you measure your success. Keep on measuring your follower count, clicks, and engagements regularly to improve your strategy. Social media reports can be helpful not only to track your performance for Instagram but also to other networks.

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