5 Best Email Tracker Services of 2019

There are many free email tracking services used to track sent emails. These services help learn when emails are opened and read. With this information, professionals always know whether to send follow-ups to leads and clients or not.

You can find an email tracker available for free while some others are available at some price providing extra features that can help you increase sales and grow your business. So it sometimes becomes difficult for you to choose the best email tracker. So in this article, we’ve collected a list of 5 best email tracker services of 2019 that will help you choose the best one.

1. is a free email tracker that provides notifications when your email is seen by people sent either from Gmail or G Suite. It helps you check out the time, the number of times the email was viewed by the receiver, and the number of email clicks.

The best thing is that when sending an email, you can schedule it and set a reminder if the email doesn’t get any opens or replies within some time (can be defined either in the number of days or you can set the definite date). You can integrate the extension with all the Gmail accounts on your PC without any limits. But the most exciting thing is that the recipients will never get to know that you track emails as there are no visible signs or logos.

2. Gmelius

This app helps you track, schedule, and snooze emails. It also makes the communication automatic with the sequences by putting email drip campaigns on autopilot. It helps you get notifications of new emails, new notes, and new conversations. Actually, it comes with pre-made templates and hence it allows sending the email quickly in three clicks only. You can easily create your own email with the help of these templates.

3. Mailtrack

It is a way that helps users include the double-check in your Gmail and acts as a Gmail tracker. It ensures that the email was sent and the recipient opened and checked the email. Once Mailtrack is installed, a double-check option gets added to the Gmail. Everything in the Gmail remains the same but now the user can check whether the email was read by the recipient or not.

4.Sales Handy

It is one of the most popular email tracking tools. It is free to use and provides unlimited email tracking and scheduling features. It lets you follow only 3 simple steps to track emails. It provides desktop notifications and double-check email open notifications in Gmail Inbox. It also allows you to track replies. You can even customize the email notifications and mute them if you want. The email analytics report of tracked emails can also be exported in a CSV file. Additionally, this service can be used with any email client via SMTP configuration.

5. Lead Boxer

This tool tracks the newsletters and emails very effectively. It provides a Chrome extension that can be integrated with Gmail and thus you can track email opens, link clicks, and other activities. It has numerous features such as it can track and identify the leads and the customers. It also allows you to configure custom filters and then to segment the audience. You can also get real-time alerts when a certain event takes place.

Just track it

Surely, you can use an email tracker for personal purposes but most people use such tools for professional aims. When using an email hunter, you never know the recipients and if they will open, click or reply to your email. Hence choose one of these 5 email tracker services of 2019 to always be aware of how people interact with your emails.

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